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Hide-N-Seek Posted Sept 13, 2018 18:31:05 GMT -7

Post by zombieprincess on Sept 13, 2018 18:31:05 GMT -7

hey clannies!!! Hottielette here. I'll be hosting an event starting Thursday, October 11th, 6Pm PDT 

We will start at the clan Citi, everyone will gather to cap at the Citi together. Everyone will have 1 hour to cap. At 7Pm PDT I will post as invisible and find a spot to hide. I will then give a hint as to where I am. The first player to find me gets the reward. 

As this is the first time for this event I will only be doing 2 days for this tick. The second day will be Wednesday October 17th 6Pm PDT. This time around we will not be group capping. I will just hide and give a hint. again, first person to find me gets the reward.

The only way to qualify is to cap. We are encouraging you all to cap at the Citi no matter what but this is just a way to earn a little reward as well as have a little fun!

I will only follow through with this event if we have 5 or more seekers. 

The prize for Thursday will be 5M GP and Wednesdays prize will be 2M GP

If i find that we like it and it goes well, i'll adjust accordingly and we will follow up to do it again! If this does go well, I'll be throwing in some good big rewards in the near future. INCLUDING A BOND. 

Come be part of the fun! Cap! Talk to us! and any suggestions are welcome as we want to grow our clan and be successful!

<3 all you cuties!! 
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