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The Citadel (all u never wanted to know and more)

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Post by pnutty4eva on Aug 17, 2018 16:37:22 GMT -7

Citadel of the M3RCILESS

Hi, I am Pnutty or Pnutty4eva or L4dyLight (on the game).

I have been asked by Danthex to start up this thread again and to monitor/guide our citadel

Our goal is: level 7 of course, and preferably as quickly as possible as we have the manpower to do it and once it is in place, will need very little to maintain.

First an intro to citadel:

Visitor count: need certain number of visitors per "tick" or per week in order not to deteriorate and to upgrade especially

Tier 5 needed 20 visitors per week but as we try for tier 6, need 25 visits per week in order for our citadel upgrade to be counted.

To start with, we are level 5 currently and only upgrade we can make is to make increase to level 6 as all plots other than battlefield are level 5 already.  

We will assume (for purposes of showing what we could do) that we have 400 active members (capping).  I will show the math and then weekly show how we did all on this thread, cool, right?
In addition to weekly maintenance,
To get to tier 6, we need 60, 000 wc                                 currently need 25,981
                                    35,000 stone                                                    20,351
                                    40,000 metal bars (coal and ore)                       38,682
                                    30,000 precious bars (coal and ore)                   14,242
                                    50,000 cloth                                                     21,115

Add all the needs together (181,295) and divide by 2000 (cap per person) and shows would take 91 caps to attain.  
We either need to do it all one week or be very careful how we collect it so that we don't waste resources that were collected (anything over what is needed carries over in very small amounts and ore/coal does not carry over at all.  

That is why you will see caps on what we collect and why we will try to change that as we go along.  Of course if we get all to cap this week, is a moot point, eh?

Once we have tier 6, can add cooking plot the next week, and then increase from there.  When we get to 7, can add dragon.  

More to follow, including info about upkeep, planned upgrades, fealty, clan cloak, skilling bonus experience and use of avatars.

Stay tuned =)

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Post by pnutty4eva on Aug 19, 2018 12:09:37 GMT -7

Avatars: a great bonus of having a clan citadel

With the new update, all clan members are now in control of their own avatar.  Used to have to collect ort and activate buff, no more!.  

Now have to visit citadel (notice the word visit?) and activate at the avatar control stone

Steps to activate

1: visit, duh
2: go to avatar area and will see the avatar control stone, so click on it
3: choose weekly buff: have two choices
       a: skill plot bonus (50% faster capping but 1/2 the exp)
       b: skill bonus: when active get 3% exp bonus in any world (up to 6% if your fealty is up)
(amount of exp you gain is tied in to your fealty level.  Fealty 1 and 2 gain 3%, fealty 3 gains 6%)
4: return for another visit as soon as new week or "tick" starts to repeat the above steps
In other words, wears off at start of new tick

(skill bonus does not work with  gree gree, ectofunctus, circus, peng points, exp lamps, urns, quest rewards ro pyramid plunder)

If you want the ava to follow you around, do all the above and then go to your pet interface and pull it out.

Not sure, still will experiment and change this post, but avas need to be pulled out to help with capping (they collect their own cap) and not sure who all can do this and how many caps they can collect per week.  
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Post by pnutty4eva on Aug 22, 2018 5:18:16 GMT -7

Fealty and other perks from citadel

Fealty explained:

If you wear your clan cloak, you will see it has 0, 1, 2 or 3 stars at the base.  This is reflecting your fealty.  
Fealty is gained by consecutive capping at the citadel.  You start at 0.  

Your fealty ties in to how much exp you get as you cap at the citadel (higher fealty more exp of course)
It also ties into how much skilling bonus reward you get weekly from citadel after capping (get from quartermaster located inside main building).  This reward can only be applied to one of the skills present in citadel plots.
It also is tied into how much exp you earn from ava.  Fealty 0 gets 3%, fealty 1 gets 4%, fealty 2 gets 5% and fealty 3 gets 6%

If a player reaches the threshold to claim the skilling bonus experience, they gain a rank of fealty (in the next tick) up to a maximum of 3. Each rank of fealty gives 15% extra experience when skilling in the citadel, for a maximum of 45% extra experience. This does not change the amount of resources gained per collection, just the experience. If players do not reach the threshold, their fealty will drop a rank (in the next tick).

Changes in fealty are applied when the player first enters the citadel after a build tick. If, in the previous tick that they entered the citadel, they reached the bonus experience threshold, their fealty is increased by 1 rank (or remains at 3). If, in the previous tick that they entered the citadel, they did not reach that threshold, their fealty drops by 1 rank (or remains at 0). Fealty updates based on the last tick in which they entered the citadel, which does not have to be the directly previous tick - if a player reaches the threshold in the citadel, and then goes an extended period of time (e.g. 6 months or more) without entering the citadel at all, and their fealty will be increased by 1 when they next enter.

Clan Cloak reward

Rank 3 fealty unlocks an additional reward of direct experience, granted by the Fealty-Reward option of a clan cloak. This can be applied to any skill (even skills not represented in the citadel), scales with the level of the skill, and can be claimed each build tick where the player has fealty 3. In order to claim this reward, the citadel must be entered in the build tick (so that fealty updates occur)
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Post by pnutty4eva on Aug 24, 2018 4:36:20 GMT -7

8/23/18 Citadel Update

Stats:  we are at 56% on the way to tier 6

Maintenance needs are about one cap: 2085 which can be done by an Ava

Tier 6 needs are 98,905 resources, added together: 100,990 would get us tier 6

That calculates to 50 caps needed to get tier 6 this week

So, we still need 25 visits regardless of number of caps, in order for things to carry over.

We could have tier 6 this week!!!!!!!!!!!

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Post by pnutty4eva on Aug 31, 2018 14:52:40 GMT -7

8/31 Citadel Update

Where are we now?  71% of the way to tier 6.

And oops, I did the figures a little wrong, bars need 3 times resources, not two, so correct numbers here today

Maintenance is 2585
Need 33834 metal bars, 12506 precious bars and 16924 cloth, which means need 158,499 total resources this week to get to tier 6
Or, need 80 total caps.

Plan: 1. close stone and wc as soon as those resources met
          2. have ava collect coal
          3. I will be on every evening to look at how much coal/ore are there and try to keep it evened out. I am keeping total ore available at any one time limited so we don't get out of control, you may have to get ur own coal to smith with.
          4. cloth is open till total is reached
          5. do summoning first as a priority, if gets put towards bars, then it basically it could be good for 3 resources (we shall see lol)
Hint: pairing with 2 others works well: one does coal, one mines ore and third makes it into bars.  In fact that would be optimum

We can do this!!!  Go M3RCILESS!!!!!!

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Post by pnutty4eva on Sept 7, 2018 4:32:12 GMT -7

9/6 Citadel Update

We have made it to 84% completed towards tier 6, yay!!

This week/tick, there will be very little stone, WC or cloth needed.  We have the two types of bars to finish this up.  That means we need coal (kiln/firemaking) to match up to ore (regular and precious/mining) to match up to bars (smithing).  Total resources needed including maintenance is 108,824 and that translates to 54 caps needed to finish this.  And as you cap, you will need to keep the ores/coal/smithing even.

Still need 25 visits to carry the extra resources over.

Remember: cape xp, quartermaster xp and ava xp all available from the citadel in varying percentages depending on your fealty. (see previous post for explanations if needed)

Lets all continue this together =)
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Post by pnutty4eva on Sept 14, 2018 14:28:08 GMT -7

9/13 Citadel Update

Ok, got to citadel as it was mobbed, right at the turn of the tick.... great response from clan members, color me impressed!!!

However, as a result we got some supplies we did not need and I did not get exact start of tick numbers, but no biggie.  

As of eve of 9/14:  92% towards tier 6 citadel 

Need metal bars, metal bars, metal bars which means need coal/ore and bars to match up so I will try to stay on top of that, if u find coal or ore closed, is because don't need no mores =)
If we match them closely and don't collect resources we don't need, then means we need 24 more caps in addition to peeps who have already capped.  As of this time, we have already had 11 visitors to the citadel.  Need total of 25 but I suspect this will not be a problem.  

Good luck to all of us!!! and please cap if you can, this is totally doable!
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Post by pnutty4eva on Sept 21, 2018 9:07:12 GMT -7

Citadel Update: Tier 6!!!!

Sooo, you may (or may not) ask, what now?   Well, tier 7 of course, but that will take a few weeks (at least 6) before we get to point of working on tier 7 (last tier)

This week we will be able to build the BBQ plot so we can begin using it next week.  

Steps to Citadel 6 are:  all plots other than battlefield must be tier 6 before citadel can go to 7.  That means BBQ plot must go to level 6 one level/week at a time so therefore, at least 6 weeks before we begin work towards tier 7.

This week we are opening BBQ plot and advancing storehouse and wc plots to level 6.  We need to do summoning before whatever else you do at citadel so that all that resource can go towards food resources needed for WC advancement (needs food resource)  since we do not have a BBQ open yet.  Extra mining of stone will remain open so that any excess can start to go towards things like statues at the entrance, but this will not be a priority, only a way to mop up any excess resources.

So this week, minimum needed is 17 caps and 25 total visits.  Any above that will be helpful
Thanks to all who contributed this past week to get us to tier 6.  We are in process of working towards having a spreadsheet that will allow admin on up to know who is active and who has capped so that we can work towards a more active clan.

thanks again =)

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Post by pnutty4eva on Sept 28, 2018 14:59:20 GMT -7

9/27/18: we have BBQ, yum!!

We have food to be made =)

So these weeks we will be able to make our needs pretty easily, we will need visitors in numbers but not necessarily to get resources until we are ready to make push for tier 7

We are going for storehouse 6, bbq 2 and mining 6 this tick and as of today (9/28) with 11 visits and idk how many caps, we have already met needs for this week!!

so all plots opened for all those who want to cap and get fealty.

To be continued.....
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Post by pnutty4eva on Oct 6, 2018 13:51:56 GMT -7

10/4 citadel update

Well, here is the newest update.  This is written two days after tick change.  At this point we have already met the resource needs for the week, so all plots are open for any who want to keep fealty and the good 6% exp boost that you get for fealty 3.  

We need 30 visits per week
for upgrades to take, and currently have 11/30.  This was a struggle last week, so when u think of it, just do it, takes no time at all.  And if you want to cap, takes about 15 minutes anymore.  The new cap is 2350 but no time increase for this.  We are going for bbq 3, battlefield 3 and another of the majors going to level 6.  

Go clan!!!
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Post by pnutty4eva on Oct 13, 2018 7:34:45 GMT -7

10/11 tick citadel update

These are the easy weeks for resource collection, enjoy... =)

Still need 30 visits to the citadel for the resources to count towards the upgrades: 18/30 visits as of today (10/13 AM)

Resources needed for the week have been achieved, we are working on BBQ 4, furnace 6 and battlefield 4

Cannot begin push towards tier 7 citadel till we have smith, craft, cooking and summoning at 6.  We are getting there.

Hottielette has been trying to give away 5 mil GPS with her Hide N Seek.  To be able to participate, need to watch for when it is offered and participate (have visited citadel)

More to follow, lets get this tier 7 =)

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Post by pnutty4eva on Oct 21, 2018 8:50:07 GMT -7

10/18 Citadel Update: Road to Citadel Level 7

Where are we now? How close are we getting? Funny you should ask...

This week we are bringing two plots up to level 5 (bbq and battlefield) and one plot up to 6.  Next week will have 3 plots to go to level 6.  If it lets me choose all 3, and yes this is up for debate, then next week will be the last week till we begin the push to citadel level 7.  We have to have all plots level 6 before will let us work towards next (and last) citadel level.

Still need 30 visits for any upgrades to happen, bars are what are most needed now, as soon as we have attained those then all plots will be opened for the rest of the week.

We are getting close!!

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Post by pnutty4eva on Nov 4, 2018 8:51:11 GMT -7

Push for Citadel Tier 7!!!!
Currently: 92% to tier 7
I will be adding to this post as we go to make it easier to follow, then once we reach 7, I will continue with more posts for future (like dragon) goals.  PS, there is weirdness in the numbers from week to week, I put those down to how doing your weekly summoning monkeys/helps our numbers.  Please continue to do summoning first then rest of cap.

Week 1: Total resources needed: 1,034,955
             which translates to 440 total caps needed: even tho we had some carry over, will call this week starting at
             2% to tier 7
week 2: total resources same: total caps needed same, 2% towards tier 7 

Week 3: total resources needed:843,109
359 caps needed

Week 4: (oops really posted it but forgot to press done?) was 712k needed for 303 caps needed

Week 5: total resources needed: 631,981 
               total caps needed: 269 caps needed

Week 6: total resources needed: 568,977
              total caps needed: 242 caps needed

week 7:
total resources needed: 494,401
            total caps needed: 210 caps needed

week 8: total resources needed: 437,581
           total caps needed: 186 caps needed

week 9
:total resources needed: 352,708
           total caps needed: 150 caps needed

week 10: total resources needed:282,218
              total caps needed: 120 caps needed

Week 11: total resources needed:    202,970                                            
              total caps needed: 86 caps needed

Week 12: total resources needed: 118,383
              total caps needed: 50 caps needed
Week 13:

Let's see how quickly we can do this!!!!
After we get there, maintenance will be a breeze
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