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Dead Matter Posted Aug 10, 2018 14:17:43 GMT -7

Post by Jon on Aug 10, 2018 14:17:43 GMT -7

Dead Matter is defined as a "rogue-lite zombie survival game" and is currently being developed by Quantum Integrity Software Inc. based out of Calgary, Canada. It's a realistic post-apocalyptic world that is sure to feed your zombie-like hunger for a proper post-apocalyptic game that offers more than the 'same-old' zombie bashing. Dead Matter promises to bring a new touch and something different to the table with an advanced medical system to monitor your health, an electrical system, looting, hunting, and even farming. There will also be plenty of weapons and items to choose from in this multiplayer, single-player, and co-op adventure equipped with in-game voice communication. Dead Matter offers tons of customization's for your weapons, vehicles, characters, and even buildings which are up for grabs. You'll find it hard running out of map as it's a whopping 400km2 and features a dynamic weather system. You're even able to travel between Vancouver Island and Alberta to generate a whole new experience of survival which introduces new weapons, vehicles, clothing, enemies, and more. You'll have the choice to choose between first and third person views and you're in luck if the internet is out as it offers an offline mode. If modding is your thing you'll be happy to hear Dead Matter offers modding tools which are sure to keep things interesting. Dead Matter will have an Closed Alpha on the PC for those who've donated through their Kickstarter campaign and will begin within Q4 of 2018, we don't have a release date as of now but we expect mid~late 2019. Dead Matter will be available through steam for the PC/Mac, and possibly for console some time after release. Quantum Integrity Software Inc. began a Kickstarter campaign and even took their story to the news, claiming they plan to feature three landmarks from within Alberta, Canada, those being Canmore, Banff and Calgary. It's safe to say you can definitely expect some amazing scenery and stunning views in Dead Matter. It's not too often Canada is involved in video games, and it's also great to see game development ramp up in Canada also. If survival in an open-world plagued by disease and famine while fighting off hoards of vicious, terrifying zombies is your thing I don't think you're going to want to miss this one.

Dead Matter - May 2018 Teaser Trailer - By: Dead Matter

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It sounds absolutely amazing. There are quite a few different zombie based games coming out soon. It's weird because I always thought that the zombie fad in games happened a while back and right now it's more of a Battle Royale fad at the moment. But I guess developers are still trying out the zombie genre for games. I really like the sound of the map being 400km2 large. That just sounds outstanding, hopefully, the game looks as good as it sounds. I'm getting a sort of PUBG feel to the game (in terms of appearance only, of course). I like that they have a different variety of cars as well, which zombie games usually don't do too well.

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