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Post by Nergal on Jul 13, 2018 5:54:53 GMT -7

Since OSRS Mobile opened its permanent Beta and I got the application I've noticed a few things.

1) My downtime at work has become slightly more entertaining.

2) My phone battery no longer lasts me through the day.

3) The interface for mobile feels kind of clunky, which results in the responsiveness of the game feeling slow.

I know it's still just in a more public beta but I cannot imagine myself doing any activity which I could potentially die from, on my phone at least.

I don't have a great phone either, so it could just be my older Android model suffering from a case of the old but it's OSRS not RS3, OSRS is compatible with some truly old machines with just Java and I cannot imagine what was done that the mobile optimization is as bad as it feels.

Rotating the screen after the game loads causes the screen to flip repeatedly and would probably be an issue for people with epilepsy, but I'm not a doctor.

I feel like I've been just talking down on the game but it is not all bad.

It is convienient to have Runescape at my fingertips at any time.

While I'm not a huge fan of how they handled the banking interface, just some weirdness with deposit and withdraw options I dislike, it does let you manage Grand Exchange offers at any time making it much easier to flip items.

The game itself does seem rather stable, the only time I've seen it crash personally has been when my own data connection dropped or switched, but that's not Jagex's fault.

Even though I wouldn't feel particularly comfortable trying to Prayer-Flick given the clunkiness I've experienced, casual skilling feels smooth enough.

Most importantly to me is that I have not seen an advertisement yet, if I saw an advertisement I'd just uninstall.

It's in Beta, there's room to improve but it works. I'd still stick to doing anything important or more difficult on a PC version.


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Post by haze on Nov 22, 2018 11:15:08 GMT -7

Oh dang, they finally got it out on beta? Been awhile since I've took an interest in Runescape to be honest - last I heard they were developing the mobile version but obviously they now have it out and about! For me though, RS3 was always the better one for me, never really got into OSRS after the re-introduced it. Guess I'm one of those people!