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Very Cheap Herblore training

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Post by entwhistle on Jul 8, 2018 21:12:42 GMT -7

Just decided to get 96 herblore and in the process I found a way that is essentially free herblore exp. No telling how long it will last. So check prices and make sure it still has a similar gp/xp ratio. I looked on rune wiki and found that super ranging potions are about 1 gp/xp with a scroll of cleansing. If you use a portable well on top of that it drops the cost down to nearly nothing.  Here is a link to the page I used.

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Post by Lanbo on May 30, 2019 11:23:54 GMT -7

Omg some of those ideas are crazy lmao (not that I have better ones)
Immortality potion would be nice for pvm: potion for reflecting all damage taken, with certain time of cool down and a glowing effect on character

THIS idea isn't bad tho ~
Health Renewal Potion: Restores constitution level x 43 + 1200 hit points over 5 minutes and 10 seconds. (5457 at level 99).

And gratz
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