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Session Posted Jun 17, 2018 19:45:38 GMT -7

Post by Jon on Jun 17, 2018 19:45:38 GMT -7

Session is a Microsoft exclusive(XBOX,PC) skateboarding video game developed by Crea-ture Studios set to release some time in 2019, finally! I feel like we've left professional sport games such as skateboarding, bmx, snowboarding, etc. a little in the dust these past few years. We all remember the days of playing Tony Hawk Pro-Skater for hours on end, collecting huge experience by pulling off a few sick tricks. Session however claims to offer a different type of game play, focused more on enjoying life as a professional skateboarder rather than being rewarded for successful tricks. A trailer was recently released at E3 2018 which you can find below, if you're a fan of professional skateboarding you'll definitely enjoying busting tricks with this exciting title created by those also passionate for the sport.

Session Announce Trailer - By: Xbox
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Session Posted Aug 9, 2018 12:29:45 GMT -7

Post by ash on Aug 9, 2018 12:29:45 GMT -7

This is not exactly a game that I would get since I'm not really into skateboarding. But I can see why others would love it especially since there is a real lack of skateboarding games on the Xbox One and even the PlayStation 4. Although it seems that PlayStation 4 gamers may have to wait for a while before they get to experience a Skateboarding game since this is an Xbox and PC exclusive. Wasn't there rumours that a Tony Hawk game was coming for all the current generation consoles soon?

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Session Posted Sept 21, 2018 5:34:53 GMT -7

Post by martin on Sept 21, 2018 5:34:53 GMT -7

When I first saw this revealed I got a little bit hyped thinking it would be a new Skate title. Then I remembered about this game existing. It's built by a very small team if I remember correctly, so my anticipation isn't huge for it. I believe they're making it as a spiritual successor to the Skate games also, as fans of the games. So I hope they do make something of high quality that will show a good level of demand for these types of games going forward. I loved these sorts of games when I was younger as I would just play around learning tricks and not really doing anything in particular, it was just a good sandbox game to play around in. Hopefully this will prove to be very good also.