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Anthem is a upcoming multiplayer action RPG developed by Bioware and EA is publishing. Being released for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Microsoft Windows. Having been pushed back from 2018 to a February 22nd 2019 release date. What is Anthem though?

Anthem Gameplay by GameRiot

Anthem is many things, of note it combines the ARPG genre (think Diablo) with a more conventional third-person shooter styling in a "contiguous" open world, meaning you can leave a zone and enter an adjacent one, likely via a loading screen.

Personally, the game gives me a Destiny in the Jurassic era vibe. The loot is pseudorandomly generated and the game appears to boast a drop in/drop out party system with integrated voice comms. In-game achievements seem like a neat contribution too allowing you a sense of progression that can sometimes lack when you're nearing end game in ARPGs.

Anthem Official Cinematic Trailer (2018) by Anthem Game

Your class is decided by your equipment, meaning you can change the pace as and when you desire between game sessions and it seems like you can level, equip and gear for them all at the same time with an xp system. Hp doesn't seem to regenerate in combat and small amount outside of it, adding to a level of skill within the game.

Dynamic events and environments allow the player to always be doing something while avoiding a repetitive feel, nice things I've noticed are underwater environments and combat combined with flight leading to insane amounts of strategy and variations when in combat.
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WOW! I know that we really shouldn't be getting excited over a game just based on early gameplay videos and trailers, but this looks awesome. It's good to hear that they have pushed the game back from its initial release because you know that they want to ensure the game is as good as they want it to be. Rockstar does this all the time for their games and I have never been disappointed with any of their games (I'm not going to count GTA Online in this because I hate what they did to it). I really like the look and feel of the jungle-like areas and the underwater gameplay is beautiful.

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Post by martin on Sept 19, 2018 5:27:02 GMT -7

Bioware have a traditionally good record, but it has come into question in recent times due to poor releases such as Mass Effect: Andromeda. It is a big change in style of game they are used to, and surely spurred on by the popularity of something like Destiny. I think the game looks decent so far, it looks like they have taken what they learnt from other games and transitioned it quite well into a multiplayer title. I still need to see more before I make a judgement though, and at any point, these online only games don't really do it for me. I hope they get it right though otherwise the studios reputation will fall even more. 
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