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[Event] Dung spam - If I'm miserable, so are you

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Post by Jon on Jun 3, 2018 11:40:20 GMT -7

Thanks for hosting this event @benthetick! I'm glad a good show of clan mates were able to make it and train one of those skills you either love or can't stand. It's nice to see the M3rciless RuneScape clan doing so well, it's ever growing and improving. I'd love to see more events like this in the future, held by yourself and the rest of the M3rciless clan staff. :) My only suggestion would be that you crop the images and perhaps choose a universal size that doesn't distort quality but allows for a smaller image to be viewed(you could even link them to the original image), however; in the same breathe, I'd like to say I actually like the full image display as it makes you feel as if you're playing the game yourself. Also, in the future you could try to compress the event info and screenshots into the original post. Other than that, great job!

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