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Killing Cursed Energy Bots in F2P

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Post by Nergal on Apr 22, 2018 21:49:03 GMT -7

What I learned from killing F2P Cursed Energy bots, a highly informal guide.
I had done this a bit on my Main Account in the past but I wanted to see how well this worked on a (much) lower leveled account.
So, I logged onto one of my F2P Alt Accounts I made back in the day. Think It said I hadn't logged in for 217 Days. Based on the only person on my friends list, this was the account I made to walk my buddy through how to play the game.

The account's combat stats were (are) pretty low.
Starting out I had:
18 HP
19 Magic
12 Defence
And I think 10/11 Prayer but I wasn't really using Prayer; only mentioning it because it's now level 12, buried only a small portion of the bones was selling the rest for supplies.

I'm sure this is doable with range and/or melee too, but I've pretty much only used magic due to the: easy to access, relatively cheap, supplies and potency from lower levels. Magic has historically given a great deal of control over your opponent.

So what are the requirements? Well, nothing; it was a bit rough starting out but it's doable from low-levels.
I do recommend a higher magic level for the sake of getting a more accurate weapon, a higher tier spell, as well as access to more abilities in your rotation.
Defence is only required if you want better armor, from my experience it hasn't yet been needed because you aren't dueling anyone, you're just dropping bots that are not aggressive and have no gear, most of which are level 3.

Because of a change to Cursed Energy (and cursed memories), someone carrying any amount of cursed energy can be attacked by ANYONE and is UNABLE to teleport.
For the longest time level 3 bots were able to farm Cursed Energy forever and were unkillable because no one in their level bracket could tele-block them; but now they are teleblocked for even touching the stuff and are able to be oneshot by pretty much anyone over level 41 magic.

There are some higher-level players (some legit and others that are just bot-handlers) that will try to PK the people PKing the bots.
High-Level > You (in low-level welfare gear) > Legit Players farming Cursed Energy > Bots
There are some pretty big fish out there, but there are things you can do as a little fish to out smart them.

There are a couple of Team-Cape salesmen roaming the Wilderness, in RS3 they also function as banks. These banks do not heal you when near them, they cannot be accessed in combat.
There are two of them in particular with relatively short roam ranges that the bots tend to try to deposit their energy at.

For the sake of arguement, I will assume you are at least level 20 Magic already as that's a reasonable starting point if you have absolutely no experience "player"-killing.
All you need to get started are the Spider Wand and Spider Orb (T20 dual weild magic weapons) and like 50 Air Runes.
You can buy the magic gear from Zaff's Staves in Varrock or Betty's Magic Shop in Port Sarim.
The Spider Wand and Orb each cost 500gp from the NPC shops, which was cheaper than the G.E. price when I last checked.
50 Air Runes would cost 850 gp from an NPC shop.
Your bare-minimum starting loadout only costs 1,850gp.
I'd recomend grabbing a Team Cape (stats on all are identical so pick your favorite color) for 50gp from one of the cape sellers (there's also one in Edgeville).
Bringing your starting loadout for damage to a cost of 1.9k

If you want armor also, you will need the defence to wear it, for Spider Silk this is Level 20. From the same NPC shops mentioned above you can get:
1k - Hood
2k - Robe Top
1.5k - Robe Bottom
500gp - Boots
300gp - gloves
Armor Cost: 5.3k
Total Cost: 7.2k (plus whatever you want to bring in food, I usually only bring a few pieces; not expecing a fight).

You can use Imphide (T10) if you want, it's a little cheaper; but why?
At Level 30 you can use Batwing, which is, in my opinion, the pinacle of F2P welfare PKing; heck, I used to use that crap for warbands on my main, it is the absolute best way to say "My gear is absolutely worthless and I'm not even worth your time to kill," despite that I think I've gotten a 700k drop on my main wearing Batwing with a Blisterwood staff (quality meme).
At 50 you can wear Mystic but that starts to defeat the point of being truly broke, doesn't it?
Batwing Armor is actually slightly cheaper than Spider Silk, for some reason. The weapons cost more, as expected.

The bread and butter combo is:
Combust > let them walk a space > Impact > Wrack

17 Kills in I found a player, also killing bots, with Dual Rune weapons (they were like 80 combat) I decided to attack them after watching them pickup cursed energy (thus removing the level Bracket restriction) to find out if they could actually fight back (I didn't have any energy at the time) and it turns out they could. That has been my only death on this Alt Account so far. But it turns out the bots could fight back if they were smarter.

I went from 0 kills to 231 according to my Wildstalker Helmet in a few hours. The largest drop I recieved was valued at 66k (~131 Cursed Energy). Not all kills were lootable.

I am up to:
29 Constitution
30 Defence (at which point I disabled Defence xp, just getting magic now.)
33 Magic
12 Prayer (Mostly selling the bones, if I even pick them up.)
(Combat: 37)

I am currently sitting on 15.2k Cursed Energies, valued at 7.6m according to price checker but I'm not sure what I will actually get for it, will probably weave them on my main into Incandescent Energies.
Apparently, there is a 25k trade limit, which I cannot remove without getting membership on this account, so I will likely update when I make enough for a bond.

So now, getting into the actual bot slaying, if you want to be effective you're going to need to understand your enemies.
Your enemies are:
-Other PKers

The bots are the easy part, once you understand how the scripts which control them work, they are just another NPC to kill.
The other players are the 'dangerous' part, being on a skulled low-level account you DO NOT want to hang onto the cursed energies for long because the longer you carry them the more you risk ANYONE being able to attack YOU. So bank often.

If you want the best/easiest money per hour from this: you're going to want to camp near the bank.
I like the one East of Dark Warriors' Fortress; the other common one for the bots to use is the Chaos Prayer Altar (south of the Graveyard of Shadows).
If you attack the bot, it cannot bank; they aren't smart enough to find the banker before stopping near where they expect him, so it's easy to consistently interrupt their banking even if you cannot rush them yet due to your low level.
Most of the times the bots are backing on their own when they have ~100 energy, to minimize their 'risks.' (The average kill is still worth ~50k)
They also have a tendancy to scatter from the pit if they watch anyone die; which leads me to believe these bots are actually part of the same farm. (There actually seem to be 2 seperate behavior patterns, not fully sure of how much overlaps)

I find killing bots in the pit isn't great because it's a hotspot for other PKers world hopping.
The banks also have PKers hopping near them, but they are manageable usually; often because they are impatient, if you move away from the bank and cut off their food supply they usually hop sooner than later (guess they think there are magically no bots on that world, LMFAO).

In general: Kill a bot, wait for yourself to be out of combat, loot and bank when safe.
If a PKer camps the bank, stand between the Pit and the bank, kill bots as normal and run it out to Edgeville; hopefully they'll get impatient and hop.
I'm not going to try to tell you how to PK properly because as a Combat level 40 you just shouldn't be trying to fight a level 80+.... unless you REALLY know what you're doing already.
If higher levels won't go away, keep dropping bots and just don't loot the energy (the bones technically make up for the cost of the runes needed to kill and forcing higher level to wait an extra minute for YOUR drops to spawn publicly is a great way to piss them off when they cannot touch you).

If you just want kills for your Wildstalker Helmet kill-count, you can actually spawn kill one variant of the bots at the Wilderness lodestone.
There are 2 types of these energy bots, those that drop the 3 Energy they saved on death, and those that don't.
You can kill the bots that don't drop those 3 Energy as they step off the lodestone for as long as you have runes. Again, the bones can technically pay for your runes but if you are just spawn killing rather than letting them farm and killing them when they have loot you PROBABLY don't care about the money.
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