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M3rciless Clan Information Thread

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Post by Jon on Apr 12, 2018 16:12:14 GMT -7

First off, I'd like to welcome you to one of the most organized, professional, and active clans RuneScape has to offer. We aim to make M3rciless a better clan by using our member's feedback, opinion, and ideas regularly. We take pride in sustaining a mature, drama-free, yet fun atmosphere. We value each and every one of our members and everyone plays a major role in making this one of the most successful clans to walk Gielinor. We are very glad you've decided to join us, and we all look forward to meeting you in-game and engaging in events together. You've just taken the first step to a better RuneScape!

Current Requirement(s): 120+ Combat and 2,000+ Total


Newly entered into the clan
Capped at the Citadel
Capped twice, registered and active on Forum + Discord
Requirements for Sergeant met and maintained and 10+ posts on Forum, capping regularly (+Able to Recruit)
Requirements for Lieutenant met continuously over a period of 3+ months
Been in the clan 5+ months, requirements for all previous ranks met, recruited 10+ members and has 25+ posts
Met requirements for 6+ months, recruit/post weekly and help clan mates understand everything about M3rciless
Plant vexillum while playing, cap avatar weekly. Fulfilling the Administrator roles, support clan growth, and development
Host events, get members capping and to the Forum+Discord, recruit weekly, improve the clan regularly
Master all previous roles over a long-term period, continuously going above and beyond for the clan
Full commitment and long-term loyalty to M3rciless, mastering all prior roles and exceeding expectations
This belongs to the Clan Leader, only a Deputy can claim this position if the leader resigns

"We are M3rciless. Our ranks are earned, and our bonds are unbreakable."

Clan Events
Bossing Mass
Social Gatherings
Skilling Competitions
Clan Drop Parties
Mini-Game Mass
Social Slayer
Player Killing
..and more!

Clan Citadel

The Clan Citadel is a place on RuneScape accessible via a portal in Prifddinas and south of Falador. At the Citadel you're able to train a variety of different skills based on the current Tier of our Citadel you're given a 'cap', this is the max amount of resources you're able to collect until the next build tick which resets every 7 days. These resources aren't collected within your inventory, rather the Citadel storage where it's used by clan leaders to upgrade the Citadel and cannot be withdrawn or used for any other purpose. The Citadel offers great benefits such as a variety of skills to train in a small area and very good EXP rates per skill-plot. Each week you are rewarded with bonus EXP for capping by speaking to the Quartermaster who can be located to the west immediately after entering the main Citadel building. You can also collect a bonus from your clan cloak(cape) after reaching tier 3 fealty which is accomplished by capping at the clan Citadel 3 times consecutively and thereafter without missing a weeks cap. An additional 6% bonus during the build tick is available after attuning to the Avatar Control Stone found south of the Avatar habitat each week, don't forget to use your "Citadel Skill Plot resource bonus" during your cap if you'd like to speed things up, then change your buff back to "Experience boost" at the Avatar Control Stone.


No scamming - Asking any member of M3rciless for Gold Pieces(coins) or Items is prohibited unless using Item Lending
Respect your fellow clanmates - Be honest and loyal to one another, no discrimination, racism, bullying, spamming, or spoilers
Follow Guidelines - No recruiting below the Current Requirements unless authorized by a Clan Leader
Stay Safe - Follow the RuneScape Rules
NOTE: When reporting another member for breaking our rules you must provide screenshots.

Feel free to leave us some feedback! ::)
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