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GTA Vice City

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Post by Vu1canF0rce on Sept 3, 2018 10:00:48 GMT -7

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I think unconsciously comparing older games to new ones is definitely a factor. We've gotten so used to HD textures and high polygon counts that it's hard to appreciate these older games like we used to.

I'm really hoping that GTA: VI will return to Vice City.

I think summed this up nicely. I read this thread title and was thinking "Vice City was nice, but dang it sux". Looking back, of course it does graphics wise. We're cultured to look for rich texture, high-def this or that, 4k HDR sweat on characters. Tommy Vercetti exhibited none of these things (indirectly, of course), but this game was top-notch for its time.

I have to concede and say that San Andreas was my favorite before V came along. I used to be more into cheats and not so much anymore, but I couldn't help bunny hopping seemingly halfway across the map with 5 stars on ya.

I have always had my own hopes for a GTA game to be fully immersive (in-car steering like Twisted Metal 1 used to do, and of course 95% of racing games), bring back blinkers from IV, and actual integrate a (silly, yes) mode for real-world driving (honor stop signs, red lights, buy a car from the annoying dealer, etc). I only add that because it'd be fun to try to play the game from a different angle without doing the easier illegal stuff. I remembered a YouTube video of cops playing GTA5 the real way on the React channel. Granted, this would not be GTA but rather Drive For Real, but hopefully ya know what I mean. A neat Easter egg or post-game completion mode to toggle on/off. In the same light, a police-perspective mode.

Sorry, I got off track there.
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Post by ash on Sept 8, 2018 4:47:58 GMT -7

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I still play GTA: Vice City on a fairly regular basis. It's really the most creative and rich GTA experience to date with the best missions and most interesting gameplay, though GTA III and GTA IV are good as well.I
I just can't return and play the older GTA titles really. The only one that I have recently tried out is Grand Theft Auto 4 and I loved it. I just can't enjoy the older ones like Vice City and San Andreas because it just feels too weird.

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