Recommend a mobile game for me

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Post by claraviolet on Dec 26, 2017 9:07:14 GMT -7

I would like to play something new. I have liked plants vs zombies 2, where is my water, candy crush jelly, blackies, evil cogs and some other games. I am not into boring games that make us find something or the other. I don't get what's so fun about finding stuff. I would rather play some action stuff.

I love simple stuff too, like there is no game. It's simply hilarious. These days, I have been trying various games, but I couldn't get into them at all.
So, can you guys recommend something for me?
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Post by claraviolet on Dec 27, 2017 9:57:53 GMT -7

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Have you tried Clash of Clans? Our Mobile Section is fairly new, however, it still holds some relevant content. I hope you're able to find what you're looking for here, and that our Mobile Gaming members are able to provide you with some suggestions. ::)
Well, it's not something I would like. It's too....deep and I like simple games rather than complicated action games. Also, I don't want to get addicted to any game and this game is known for it's story.

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Hungry Shark Evolution is a ton of fun, have you ever given it a shot? Here is a link to the google search:

Well, I don't like blood. That's why I keep away from slasher games and shark stuff almost always involve lots of blood. So....I would rather play something that's not at all related to blood.
I used to like 101 games too. They are simple and they don't take much time to complete.
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Post by xxinfectedxx on Dec 27, 2017 11:48:27 GMT -7

Mutant roadkill is available for iOS and Android. You are in a car, and the aim of the game is to run over zombies and keep levelling up. There is a catch though, there are obstacles in the road and every-time you level up more obstacles in the road appear and if you hit the obstacles your car gets damaged and in the end it will explode and that's the end of the game so if your good at concentrating Muntant Roadkill is a game for you, it's 3D too!
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Post by ash on Feb 14, 2018 13:16:58 GMT -7

I saw that you weren't interested in trying out Clash of Clans. It might be worth your time to try out Clash Royale though. It has been developed by the same people that made Clash of Clans, Supercell. It's quite different though and for me, it was a lot more fun. The problem with Clash of Clans is that you could become the best by literally buying your way to the top. Whilst you can still do that in Clash Royale, you also need to be good and have tactics because if not you will end up losing within a minute.

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Post by xxinfectedxx on Feb 4, 2019 5:30:31 GMT -7

Another suggestion if your still looking, Claraviolet is Quiz Planet. If you have Facebook Messenger, it's available on this social media platform and you can play against your friends and test your trivia knowledge. It's great fun and you learn along the way.