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4K TV - Xbox One X

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Post by xxinfectedxx on Nov 25, 2017 11:42:27 GMT -7

This is a question for the gamers who have the Xbox One X! Do you own a 4K TV along with your One X? Console comes with (4K) picture so it's worth having a better 4K television with your Xbox One X.
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4K TV - Xbox One X Posted Jan 2, 2018 16:27:34 GMT -7 via mobile

Post by markmac420 on Jan 2, 2018 16:27:34 GMT -7

Wouldn't consider myself a serious console gamer but I did pick one of these up along with a 4k tv. Graphics seem really good to me, so far I have Call of Duty WWII, NHL 18, Wolfenstein II The New Colossus and Resident Evil 6(for the wife).

I enjoy COD and wolfenstein the most..not the best at COD but I enjoy it. Gamertag is Caper762x39 feel free to add me even tho i wont be much help lol.