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Banned from Xbox Live

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Post by ash on May 12, 2018 8:57:41 GMT -7

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cant you get banned from using too much swearing from other players rating of you?
Yes, you can. I believe it's the same for PlayStation 4 users as well. If you swear too much and send messages with swear words to other players who then report you, you will most likely end up with a communication ban. I don't think you will get an outright ban where you will be banned from using Xbox Live. It will just be a ban where you won't be able to send messages to other players for a certain period of time or permanently if you have been particularly rude and offensive.

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Post by empire on May 30, 2018 3:45:30 GMT -7

Had some of my online friends get banned, but not that often. I just get so sick when you have people get banned for silly little things and yet I Seen so much trolls going around and not getting the big ban.

Had my account locked, But not banned.