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First Nintendo console?

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Post by megannatasha on Sept 5, 2017 12:36:58 GMT -7

My first Nintendo console was the NES. I had Duck Hunt(Who didn't? :P) Super Mario Brothers, Space Invaders, Excite Bike, Dig-Dug, Zelda, Pacman, Bubble-Bobble, Balloon Fight, and a few others that aren't coming to mind at this time. I miss the old classics!
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Post by Jon on Sept 5, 2017 12:53:19 GMT -7

My first Nintendo Console was the Super Nintendo, I absolutly loved that beast. I had Super Mario World, Donkey Kong country, Zelda - A link to the past, Super Mario Kart, and I'm sure quite a few more that I can't think of right now.
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Post by Koschmar on Sept 6, 2017 12:32:02 GMT -7

My first was the NES, but I think SNES is my favorite. It was such a (relative) jump in graphics and what you could do in games. I think the first 3D titles were a bit clumsy. For a direct comparison: where I absolutely loved A Link To The Past, I at first hated Z targeting and the camera angles of Ocarina Of Time.
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Post by thejason on Apr 15, 2018 3:22:49 GMT -7

So far, I like the original Wii the best, but I'm sure Wii U is better and maybe the Switch. Anyway, my first console was probably the Super Nintendo (the 2nd after the first) because I started getting into Nintendo around 1990. (I was a child of the 80s.).
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Post by demarco on May 11, 2018 18:33:01 GMT -7

The super nintendo was my first, and my first game was Zelda, a link to the past. i would travel to the forest at 5 years old not knowing what the hell im doing and would try to pull the master sword out of the rock, for 10 mnutes lol

my favorite is the GBA. i loved those games
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Post by GamingLyfe on May 14, 2018 12:54:08 GMT -7

This beast was my first system, although I definitely remember playing the Super Nintendo more. Some of my best childhood memories involved Zelda and Grand Theft Auto, such an odd mixture.. huh? O_o :P

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Post by Vu1canF0rce on Jun 1, 2019 11:44:52 GMT -7

There was a similar thread like this where I went in more detail, but suffice to say I had the NES, SNES, and N64. There were so many games across each of these consoles that I loved so I won't attempt the feat to list 'em out.
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Post by Kaynil on Oct 30, 2019 19:06:27 GMT -7

The first Nintendo console I had was an NES.

I was around 5 years old and we kept it until I got into my teenage years. I used to play Rygar and Super Mario Bros. 3 the most, but on occasion, my parents would take us to rent games like Metroid and Dragon Warrior. The funny thing is that I didn't know about The Legend of Zelda at all during those days. It was not my first console ever, but it is still probably the one I remember the best.

My favourite Nintendo console is a bit harder to answer. have enjoyed different consoles during the years. The N64 or example was for many years my favourite, but then the 3DS came out and I thought at the time it had all I wanted so that became my favourite thanks to the 3D masters that took place including Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask. So I bought a lot of digital games like Mario Kart, Smash, the Ace Attorney games, etc trying to keep it as my ultimate travel gaming console.

...And now we got the switch, which allows me to have it portable and on the TV and goes between them at ease without complicating things. It started strongly and with ports like Final Fantasy 9 and Smash that includes Young Link, so the Switch is becoming real tempting to make it my favourite, but for now I am still leaning towards the 3DS. Hah! I even got Link's Awakening already on it.
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Post by Gamer Nerd on Jun 10, 2020 5:51:13 GMT -7

My first console is definetly the NES where I had a lot of moments and scoring records. From 1986-99, my faves were Balloon Fight, Tiger-Heli, Gyruss, Kung Fu, Super Mario Bros., and a few others.