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What's your recruitment story?

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Post by Jon on Sept 2, 2017 21:14:48 GMT -7

This is a chance to share your recruitment story with the clan of M3rciless on RuneScape.
Everyone was recruited by someone, somewhere, on the map of Gielinor, I think it would be interesting to hear everyone's story on when and how they were recruited, and by who. ::)
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Post by malik on Sept 2, 2017 22:13:43 GMT -7

So I was recruited as I was doing my rounds cutting elders and bumped into DanthEx in Edgeville, luckily I wasnt just auto piloting (like i usually am) and Danthex said hello to me and offered for me to join the clan, I had just left a clan because there was no fun in it, i couldnt joke with anybody so I thought id give Merciless a try.  DanthEx was very informative and as soon as i joined the chat everyone welcomed me and was very inviting. Alota fun/knowledgeable people in the clan and i love that.  Glad I didnt run straight to the bank that day or I woudlnt be in this clan, Thanks! -- MALIK
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Post by Saints4ever on Sept 3, 2017 6:28:52 GMT -7

Unfortunately I was never recruited into M3rciless but I was recruited into the original clan that used to have a home here.

I was cutting yews near catherby and saw a small train of people so I went to investigate what i was. I met up with them around the Camelot teleport spot and some nub cake who went by the name of Danthex was recruiting for a new clan. I was a bit iffy about it because he wanted me to go visit his website (thats this and I was like hmmm I don't know about this. You are asking for all kinds of person information. Then I was like well I guess it is just like signing up for every other type of site so I did. The real selling point for me was at the time the site featured a picture of the Super Dome (not even a fan of and me being from New Orleans and like 12 or 13 at the time figured oh this might be a local group of players so I signed up. Ta da I was recruited. It wouldn't be long after that I was running events, recruiting people, writing weekly and monthly newsletters, making clan videos, hosting contests, posting all over the forum, working with different members and staff to help them on their special projects, such as Demonkid1333 with our new forum banner, Cheesyman..well i don't think we ever did anything together but I bounced ideas off him and got him on board with things, and oh yes I ran the forum store for a little bit even tho someone was always breaking the code (Im looking at you xsamuraix with all your stupid swords).

While I am investigating my options on if I would like to cross over to M3rciless now that I've returned to this game again, I am still trying to decide what would be best. Lots of compromises and tough choices ahead.

Help is only a Bubble away...
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Post by Lanbo on Sept 3, 2017 11:12:27 GMT -7

I had just signed into the game a couple hours ago (for the first time in 772 days!!11!!) and I was randomly in Taverly. I had no idea where to start and I was so lost. I walked up to Buthorpe just re-exploring the game, figuring out how to walk. So yea, suuuuper lost. Then I saw this angel descend from the sky advertising for a clan and I realized how much help that would be. And now, 2-3 days later, I'm having fun helping newer members and chilling with the clan (but still getting tons of much-needed advice). It was some guy named Darth X? DankEx? Something like that?
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Post by thedarkbowpk on Sept 16, 2017 11:14:30 GMT -7

I was recruited by danth when i came to edgeville and saw the clan vex and danth right there. I was actually looking for a new guild at the time bc mine was very inactive and conveniently he was there to bring me to you all
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Post by Marlee on Mar 15, 2018 21:49:17 GMT -7

  Jacob invited me like a week ago (today is March 15th, 2018) I had just logged in the day before for a few minutes to decide if I actually wanted to play this game again, if the clan I was in was one I wanted to stay in, and also if I’d be playing my main (Miss Mar) or my ironwoman (Marlee). I decided to go for it and began my official day back at the piscatoris fishing colony taking the lives of countless monk fish! X.X
  I had kinda gone afkish for a minute when I saw this guy to my right floating in some really spiffy new armor wielding the scythe everyone gets all hot and bothered over. Being the mostly friendly and southern belle I am, hehe >:3, I said “hey there honey how are you?” Or something to that extent. Jacob responded with “I don’t talk to fake grills.” I got kinda mad for a moment and told him “I am not a fake girl” to which he replied “I said grill not girl.” He then asked if I’d like to join the clan, so I took a minute to really think over my options...

A) Continue being in a super crappy clan that is full of elitists and the worlds most bitchiest clan leader’s girlfriend who I wasn’t exactly on good terms with for calling her out on her attitude previously.

B) Do not be in a clan and be a crazy old cat lady. 

Or C) appreciate this asshole for being sarcastic and accept his clan invite in hopes that not everyone is as stupid as him.

  I chose option C and honestly didn’t like him for the first 24 hours or so. I quickly got over that grudge when a few of us got in Discord and had a nice laugh over how I was recruited :P 
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Oh yeah, I’m both Miss Mar and Marlee, the ironwoman!!! *flips hair*
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Post by demarco on Apr 11, 2018 15:39:18 GMT -7

My recruitment story. I remember this day liek it was yesterday.

July 2005...

Im walking into the bank in Falador when im approached by Danthex and Saints4ever(bubble). Danthex is wearing a Santa Hat and offers to sell it to me for 10k. I think this is way too good to be true so i decline. Then Bubble walks up and pretends to buy it. They both had hats so they played off the trade and the eqipping happened. I was like WOOOA oh crap it was real lol. Then Danthex said simply "join my clan". I was aware of clans thanks to final fantasy tactics so i knew why clans were important before they became official. Bubble then risked his in game speaking voice to get me to this forum. It was high risk recruiting back then, but they were rewarded with their most reliant clan mate.

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Post by Cheeserules8 on Sept 9, 2019 21:15:42 GMT -7

I don't remember who recruited me but I was doing some slayer on Greater Demons in the Brimhaven dungeon and somebody was using soul split and all kinds of abilities that I hadn't seen because I was just coming back to the game after 10 years of not playing it. Whoever it was was super helpful and answered all of my questions and then sent me a invite to join M3rciless.
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Post by Tipsy Blonde on Sept 10, 2019 1:35:27 GMT -7

I got Recruited by Seanyboiii, I had just left my previous clan because of how inactive it was. I was looking for a fresh start with a new clan where I could just hangout with some pretty cool people and play some runescape like back in the day. I tele'd to burthorpe in hopes of finding a clan I could call home. I seen sean asking if anyone was looking for a clan and I immediately went over and asked him how many people were in his clan and if it was active or not. I had the levels to join so I said I would love to join, the only bad part was he didn't have the rank for the invite but mata came over and recruited me and then me an sean ended up bossing at vindicta like 10 minutes later. The next thing I know we were bossing almost every day and I met some of the amazing people here, those people are some of my closest friends to this day! Thanks M3rciless for being such an amazing clan and I wouldn't want to be with any other clan!
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