When was the last game you played?

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Post by xxdriftingaway on Aug 31, 2017 20:47:20 GMT -7

I used to play Clash of Clans but I haven't in a while because I couldn't connect it with my google play account therefore if I ever factory reset my phone or anything I would lose all progress. Luckily I was playing it on my Tab S3 which is never going to be rooted or anything so I'm not worried about losing my progress. Still annoying that I spent tons of money on the game and they haven't cared to respond to my emails.

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Post by Jon on Dec 26, 2017 12:51:57 GMT -7

I haven't played Clash Royal yet since I've already tried playing Clash of Clans and Boom Beach at the same time and realized it was just too much at once to keep up with right now. So, I stick with Clash of Clans. However, I just stumbled upon these videos and thought I'd share. ::)


Clash ROYALE Mini-Film | 😃Drp
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Post by ash on Apr 4, 2018 13:20:20 GMT -7

The last game that I played today was Far Cry 5 which I am absolutely loving at the moment. I only got it a few days ago because I actually didn't want to get it just yet and wanted to wait for the price of the game to go down before getting it. But after watching a few different gameplay videos on YouTube and reading about the game on Reddit, I had to just get it and went ahead and bought it from Amazon.

It's funny because I actually haven't played it that much (in terms of the story and missions) but have been spending a lot of time just driving around the map and exploring the different parts. The game is just so beautiful and I am loving it so far.

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Post by InMyOpinion on Apr 13, 2018 2:48:37 GMT -7

The last game I played on my PC would have to be SIMS and it's been about a year since I've played but now talking about it, I want to play it haha. I really enjoy the game because it can get difficult (especially when you have many family members). I used to spend so many hours playing the game and trying to master their skills and careers before they got very old and died.

I remember playing SIMS with my younger brother years ago and I would be playing on my laptop and he'd be playing on our family computer. When his characters were all unhappy and in the red I'd play for him to get his SIMS happy again. While I would be playing on his SIMS he'd be playing on mine, it was a really cool way to spend time with him and we would play for hours. Such a fun and entertaining game.
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Post by haze on Nov 22, 2018 11:18:53 GMT -7

I've been playing a lot of Left 4 Dead 2 lately, still an evergreen game that I am in love with despite the increasingly toxic servers lol. On near enough every server I go into now there's always some fool who speedruns the entire map leaving us all to clean up his mess or someone who just takes out his shotguns and go's blammo on us all then quits the game so the level/chapter restarts. -_- Still, it's always an amazing laugh either way!
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Post by elli on Feb 12, 2019 13:05:19 GMT -7

I played World of Warcraft yesterday for many, many hours; I've been leveling my Hunter. Hit 112, but still playing Legion content in Suramar.

Before that, like a month ago, it was Spider-Man on PS4. I'd like to go back to it. Such a good game...
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Post by xxinfectedxx on Mar 4, 2019 16:00:20 GMT -7

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Currently I'm playing the story mode of Grand Theft Auto V. To this moment I don't think that it's as good as the story mode in GTA San Andreas.
Alright then. Why don't you think the story mode is as good as the one in San Andreas?

Personally, I enjoy playing Multiplayer more than by playing myself. I've found that's it easier to earn in game money from completing various online jobs.

Out of Single  and Multi Player in GTA 5, which one do you favour the most and why?