Methods of getting high IV pokemon in pokemon go

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Post by demarco on Aug 9, 2017 12:26:37 GMT -7

1. Hatch eggs. All eggs give you pokemon from IV's 70%-100%.
2. Do raids. Raids give you the same percentages too, this works for collecting magikarp candies and getting high IV starters and even rares such as Tyranitar, Gengar, and Machamp, just to name a few.
3. Catch pokemon in the wild. Unless the pokemon in the wild has theirs at 81% or higher, I would not power it up. It's a waste of candies.
4. Poke Genie is an iOS and Android app that allows you to see your pokemons IV's just by taking a picture. It's completely safe and requires no server log in to use.
5. Magikarps in raids have a chance of being shiny upon catching.
6. Egg's hatch being a set level. All my hatches are born at level 20 everytime. 
7. 1-3* raids are soloable.

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