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RuneScape's Coffee Time (chit-chat)

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Post by Cheeserules8 on May 29, 2019 16:59:05 GMT -7

Ali I will probably never forget that. You were running around World 2 Burthrope right after daily reset so there were hundreds of players all on top of each other all spamming Divine Locations like crazy! And you wouldn't stay in one place. I remember seeing your chat pop up and trying to find you so many times because you kept moving. Plus anytime I tried to message you it just got buried in all the spam chatting going on. I was so lucky to finally track you down and send you a invite.
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Tipsy Blonde GB Regular **

Post by Tipsy Blonde on May 30, 2019 13:53:19 GMT -7

Yeah discord voice was so damn funny when you said " when is the owner M3rciless going to log on, I have not  seen him online ever" Everyone laughed including @danthex. We are very happy to have you on the squad Ali! Even though you need to do better!
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