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Pokemon Snap

    Hey everyone I'm new here. Just wondering if anyone remembers the Pokemon Snap game. I remember going to McDonald's and spending hours on their Nintendo 64 consoles trying to unlock all the landscapes. Even though this game has a simple idea, it continued to entertain me. I remember how excited I got when i captured multiple Pokemon in the pictures, Pokemon doing tricks, and Pokemon evolving. There were many tools Professor Oak provided you with such as apples, Pester balls,and the Pokeflute. There were also landscapes you could capture on the different courses that resembled various Pokemon. Although this game is over a decade old, I still like to replay this classic masterpiece. I'm wondering if any of you have played this game and what you liked/disliked about it.  :)

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I use to play this in my youth as well, crazy you still remember so much about the game! I completely forgot about it, and this reminds me of Pokemon Stadium, which if there isn't already a thread about, we should probably start one. :P I love the legacy/retro Nintendo games, thanks for sharing this with us! I'm sure and will have something to add. ::)
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Absolutely, this game was more of an obscurity to me though. A few of my friends owned it and I remember playing it only a handful of times but it had always seemed like a cool concept to me.

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I played it. My only question is, how do you take a picture of Mew!?!?!? I mean his magic just flashes the screen everytime. They should remake that and hey you pikachu on the 3ds.
When you enter the world you have to hit Mew's orb with either pester balls or apples until its broken and you can capture a picture. If you hit Mew when he is out of the orb, he will start spinning and you can capture more pictures then as well. The trick to all of this is to have good timing and aim. It took me a while to get this system down, but its worth it in the end.
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Had this when I was a kid as well. There were so many interesting mechanics in it to find the secret exists, get things to evolve and get that perfect shot. I still remember having a great shot of multiple Pikachus using Thunderbolt on the stumps. It's still astounds me that Nintendo never released a follow up, nor any other company jumping on the cute-animal-photography genre. Sure you can take photos in Sun and Moon but it's not the same.
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