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What are your RS habits? What do you most enjoy?

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Post by demarco on Apr 12, 2018 12:42:10 GMT -7

I first played runescape on classic during the beta testing for RS2 around 2002-2003. While I have a high combat level, I am retired from all combat functions. I spend my days skilling and manipulating the GE's prices for a profit via day trading. While I had boss training through WoW I avoid those fights nowadays on here unless in a group. Although im confident I can solo K'Rill or any other GWD1 boss.

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Post by Nergal on Apr 12, 2018 15:33:56 GMT -7

1. When was the first time you played RuneScape? When I was in elementary school, I think around 4th grade.

2. How old is your current account? Very very old, from the before times. (Around 13 years.)

3. What is your favourite thing to do when you have online time currently.

4. How closely do these match your end game goals:

a) Gaining combat levels for Bossing / PvM content (already have those levels, need the gear)

b) Skilling for Max cape (yes)

c) Striving for Completion (maybe someday)

d) To reach a personal goal/achievement (Always, it's an evolving process)

e) Just taking it day by day and enjoying the ride. (Yes, I've always tried to not take it too seriously; causes burnout)

5. Do you like to kill bosses in Runescape? (To an extent)

6. If so, do you prefer to fight alone or in a group? (Depends on the mood, I always like the option to do things alone though, part of my personality.)

7. If not, what keeps you from the bossing content? (Gear and practice; gotta upgrade my setup and learn some stuff, seldom in the mood to grind for cash though, just not fun for me.)

8. Do you have interest in Raids or other high-end PvM content? (Yes. I want to get there eventually.)

9. What's your favorite thing(s) about M3rciless? (Fluidity.)

10. What sort of clan group event would most intrigue you?

Some form of group progression, guided workshops if you will; events built around guides.
I feel like the biggest problem for players joining a clan for the first time is how easy it is to get lost and feel insignificant in the larger scheme of things when comparing themselves to more veteran members; while people that have been around a while do have wisdom to share about how to get to the point they have reached, it becomes easy to forget what things are like while trying to get into it. With a little luck and good economic timing, certain merchants will be infinitely more wealthy then other members of the clan; I don't think handouts are a good idea either and liquidating all one's and/or trading them all to a mule account would be a bit extreme, but a pseudo-gearing from scratch event could be interesting.

What do I mean?
-Deposit everything, worn/inventory/moneyPouch.
-Sell off as much junk/loot as you can OR take note of it; you won't be using any of it for the purpose of the event. (If you have stocks you don't want to sell take note of them, if you end up with more of that item you can use the NEW items not the OLD instances of the items. EXAMPLE: I had 113 runite ore, I get runite ore and deposit it in the bank I now have 127 runite ore, I can only use 14 of them. Honor Code)
-Play as if you recently had your bank raided. (All you have to work with to start are your stats and any Quest/Achievment Diary items you have; aka untradable things, no POP Armor though, that's a bit of an unfair advantage.)
-Add other arbitrary rules. (use or not use G.E; Invention perks clauses (maybe if you get the components and charges during the event?))

Pick a goal, or set of goals; document the progress for the challenge, prove you did it.

Make it a clan competition; depending on how complex you want to make this we could divide it by level brackets, or by solo/duo/smallGroups or something.

If, for example, the goal is to get a drop from Kril from scratch; there could be a small reward for the first person to get a kill during the event as well as a larger reward for the first people to get a drop.

*Numbers purely hypothetical*
For the sake of easy math if the competition was to get a Kril drop, with team-sizes restricted to 3 people, the prize pool could be 30m where the first group of 3 would get 10m each OR if a solo player manages to win they would get the full 30m.
First kill of the competition could get an arbitrary prize of say 3m to split.
2nd and 3rd places could also get consolation prizes.
Anyone proven to have cheated based on the rules set would forfeit their prize, again, honor code guys.

Level brackets would be a bit trickier, might need to be weighted in someway, reason I mention it is because starting from scratch I (with most skills at 99; wouldn't take very long to scrounge up some supplies for overloads and yaks, just by doing some slayer) would have a clear advantage over someone who cannot make overloads or use Soul Split yet; I'm sure we can come up with clauses for all these things eventually though.

Could have a random groups option (throw teams together randomly), idk.

Reasons I personally like the idea:
-I've never been a hugely wealthy player.
-Provide good content to the Discord and Forum about what to do if you get cleaned, and isn't just some handout.
-Low entry requirement encourages participation, account wealth doesn't give an inherent advantage.
-Group option encourages you to get to know your team better.
-Everyone likes a friendly competition now and then.
-Helps prepare for similar, higher level, events.
-Nothing to lose except for time. Obviously, you won't be operating at optimal efficiency immediately after starting from "scratch," but this is supposed to be for fun so...

Reasons I haven't already hosted this event:
-I'm one sleepy boi.
-The idea still doesn't feel polished enough in my mind to be something I could manage on my own.
-School has been keeping me incredibly busy. If you have seen me online in the past bunch of weeks, I have probably been multi-tasking; if I've missed any messages, I'm sorry, not ignoring anyone, just exhausted and not watching the chat while I get stuff done.
-I don't know how long the even will/could take; it might be a few hours, could be a whole weekend, could be weeks; I don't know what a good baseline event would be.
-Logistically it's going to be a pain to keep track of EVERYONE's things to make sure no one is cheating; although if multiple people are hosting and were placing bets with each other about the results that could make it more bearable.... oooo, gambling on the clan events, an underground event unto itself.

11. Would you be interested in hosting an event related to your suggestion or perhaps another area?

Hopefully, eventually. Although if anyone wants to steal and repurpose my idea feel free to.
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