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[Old Discord info]

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Post by Zarosian on Mar 11, 2017 14:12:13 GMT -7

We currently have a clan Discord operating for those who do not have team speak or, like myself, prefer discord.
This is a semi-permanent link for anyone who wishes to join in for things like, event announcements and PvM and event coordination.

Hope to group with you soon,

Steps to set up discord, enter the above link
You may use your browser by default or install discord on your computer or phone.
I'm unsure if you will be prompted to make an account at this stage, if you are set it up like any other account setup process.
Next you need to select our Clan server

Next join the relevant voice channel

You should now be in the voice channel and can communicate freely with your clan mates

Some other tips:
There is a mute and defen button to use when AFK.
You can manually disconnect by pressing the disconnect.
You can right click on a name to manually adjust how loud their microphone is for you personally.  <-Picture

Hope this helps those who may be having difficulties
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Post by megannatasha on Sept 16, 2017 18:26:38 GMT -7

The more community members participating in the public Discord, the better! Voice Communication is great, it allows people to connect on a more personal level, and it's always nice to take a break from typing.
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Post by Lanbo on Sept 16, 2017 19:16:01 GMT -7

All true, ^^

However, the vast majority of the communication on our Discord occurs through texts and pics!! So if you're not a talker, don't worry; don't let that stop you because you're not missing out. We sometimes talk, but the biggest part of our Discord is having fun, which we do! Some of us, a little too much... ;)
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Post by GamingLyfe on Nov 18, 2017 15:54:29 GMT -7

Having a Discord for this community is awesome! Voice chat can be very handy during Bossing in any game, raids, team-play, or just to keep things a little more social at times.
Here to game and network with gamers alike, feel free to message me!
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