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[LoL] ~nergalelite progress thread~

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Post by Nergal on Feb 26, 2018 20:11:45 GMT -7

Haven't been able to get a good normal game in forever which makes me not want to touch ranked with a 10 foot pole because I feel like there has been no degree of quality to ANY of the games I've played in weeks.
Spending some time leveling alt accounts in the meantime I suppose.

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Post by Nergal on Mar 31, 2018 14:21:49 GMT -7

Still feel unable to get any degree of quality out of my games this season.
I started playing akali and I was having a ton of fun and then found out she's scheduled for a rework and I'm angry as heck about it because I feel like every time I have a champ I'm learning for the sake of spamming through ranked they get reworked and thrown into the spotlight.

Anyway going through the April Fool's Day Missions and it's been pretty blehhh; none of my buddies were online and the one for all game mode with 4 randoms is like pulling teeth, constant bickering among the randoms trying to ff immediately because they started feeding and don't want to play from behind; so since I wasn't finding success in getting a solo One For All mode win I switched to some Normal Draft picks.

3 games in a row got dodged and then I got autofilled to support and I'm like screw it I'm playing Lux support.
They had a Bard and Caitlyn bot lane and my ADC picked Miss Fortune.... Bard is not a lane I like playing into as Lux with a random ADC, he always manages to land a Q that either kills my ADC or forces me into a bad position, I know that just wouldn't be a fun lane to play.
My goto against Bards when I'm paired with a random is Brand, unfortunately he was banned out.
That's when I had a devilish idea, a Bard is going to want to roam to gank and get chimes, what champions can punish squishies that like to roam?

I ponder it for a few more moments and that's when I lock in Teemo support with ignite. No one on my team dodges, no one questions it; and I enter into this very "serious" game. I grab my items and rush off fountain to stealth in a position in lane that is unlikely to get hit by a stray Bard Q, right near the enemy's river wall, in XP range and I wait. I feel bad not leashing our Shyvanna but I know that if this is going to work, I need the location advantage, and if this doesn't work I'm going to get reported for trolling.
Laning begins and my MF lands a few good Qs, Cait is at like half health walking around right near me, I watch the Bard miss his Q trying to stun MF and IMMEDIATELY auto, ignite, Q, auto, auto the Cait; picked up first blood, and got all of their Summoner Spells.
Set up from a more defensive lane position, tell MF to let em push up, she ignores me, get another kill on the Cait again a little after my ignite came back up; it was the long con I say.

Items: Gunblade, Sorc Shoes, 2nd tier of support item for wards AS I switch my trinket to sweeper, into Morellonomicon, and following up with a Haunting Guise

I think Cait was still 0/6 at 20 minutes.
I look to apply pressure elsewhere.
Our top laner (Fiora) is getting absolutely demolished by an Illaoi.
Mid lane is about even and our JG is ahead on objectives.
We lose first tower to a very fed Illaoi, I see an opportunity to shut down Illaoi and Fiora, Shyvanna and myself manage to take her down and claim the bounty; only our Fiora died (she was 0/5/5 at the end of the game).

Regardless with me roaming about shrooming up the map the Bard couldn't keep up.
They surrender to us after I get a triple kill, we take a Baron and 4 of them fail to kill me, and I end the game 8/2/8.
I get an S- for the game and that's how you reach Mastery 6 as a Teemo support.

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Post by Lanbo on Apr 1, 2018 14:57:45 GMT -7

You are the carry now. But Teemo though?? ;) Good on you for being able to take the game into your hands off a losing top-lane split-pusher; that's pretty tough. Also, I'm super glad you got your support item. I hate when "supports" don't do that, even if they build damage.

And I can't believe you don't like 1FA! I've had the most success playing champs with damage and CC, specifically. This duo picked ashe for us and I thought it would go horribly wrong, but we played it into garen LOL. The slows and stuns were unbeatable. Picking a melee champ (without a gap closer) just sounds horrible. We kited them so hard.
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Post by Nergal on Apr 8, 2018 13:08:48 GMT -7

Started playing Ranked 5v5 Flex Queue because a) I was getting some ridiculously long queue time for normal draft queue and b) I don't care about my rank in flex queue, I refuse to partner up with people for soloQ (my friends are just too inconsistent).

I end up placing Silver5 and am casually climbing, again flex queue the LP just doesn't matter to me, I just wanted to find a game.
2 games recently stand out to me.

I've been playing a decent amount of akali in normals, but she's getting reworked soon so I don't want to overlearn a skillset that won't be relevant in a few months but I went from no Mastery to just getting Mastery 5 today in a handful of games spread across the past couple of weeks; just to provide some insight into how familiar I am with what Akali can do at what levels and with what amount of farm/kills.
I've also been playing a bit of Fiora because I don't see her getting picked or banned much.

1st notable game:
Champ select, I'm last pick, looking at the other team, feeling I should pick Akali; enemy choosing right before me locks Akali in.... oh....
Should I play pantheon? Nah I don't really know how to play Panth, even though it would counter Akali pretty well; alright, guess I will roll the Fiora pick because Shen was banned.
Laning starts, trading with the Akali, testing my limits on Fiora I try to kill her, I misplay and die; lane just became much harder but is still potentially manageable. Akali passive let's her sustain up some more and she's at about 1/4 health and backing; my Ramus JG tries to gank, I ping him away, DANGER DANGER, he ignores me, get's killed by the Akali rather quickly.
Akali now has 4 stacks on dark seal and enough gold to buy Hextech revolver before I can afford anything. I ask my Ramus why he went in went I pinged him away MULTIPLE TIMES with much advanced notice; he tells me that he "miscalculated" his damage. I say, "well thanks top is gone now, gg"; my team tell me not to worry, just farm under tower, I tell them trust me, I will not be able to.
Farming under tower when Akali gets back to lane and dives me, kills me but my ignite gets her.  We both get back to lane again and without ignite she 
1-shots me under my tower, I get back to lane and she does it again, and again.
Team tells me to "play safe" my ADC Kai'sa accuses me of intentionally feeding.
Early surrender vote fails. Kai'sa says she has to "teach the feeder a lesson." Kai'sa continues denying surrender votes and doing nothing of consequence all game.
Game finally ends, discover the Akali I was laning against was a Diamond 5 Akali main for Solo Q and was playing FlexQueue to test out Irellia's rework but since she was banned out decided to play Akali.
I who have only ever been ranked in the top 400k or so players on the NA server (think that's what Silver 1/Gold 5 MMR Equates to) was laning agains someone in the top 15k Players. Magnitudes of difference, getting stomped for obvious reasons and moreover was getting flamed by some scummy Silver ADC.
I mean I felt better about things when I realized how much objectively better my opponent was, but this is part of why I don't care about Flex Rank, you cannot afford to, too many random variables.

The 2nd, more recent notable game:
I'm playing Akali top into a Shaco. I have a Mid lane Yasuo feeding a Galio.
Shaco and I are trading reasonably evenly, one of us will get a kill, the other will get a return kill.
I managed to shove Shaco out of lane and was trying to rush first turret, he gets back to lane I fall back.
Our Warwick takes a Dragon, their Ammumu takes a rift herald.
I barely defend top turret against a Shaco, Shaco Clone, Amumu and Rift Herald; I force them back off.
Few minute later I'm defending against Shaco, Shaco Clone, Amumu AND the 7/1 Galio that Yasuo has been spoonfeeding.
Yasuo (1/7) flames our Jungler for being useless. Whole team laughs at him, reminds him he is 1/7
The 3 (4) top lane end up killing me and taking turret, Yasuo turn the flame to me trying to tell me I lost my lane (I'm 2/3 my laner after the SECOND fiesta that just happened and my enemy Shaco is 2/2); they team continues laughing at this int'ing p.o.s.
He shuts up and starts mindlessly running up lanes to split-push in silence.
I get back to lane and blow up Shaco.
Shaco gets back again, I see amumu nearby and I think I can take both; suddenly Galio and Braum also show up and there are 4 enemys top, no one on my team applying any pressure except for the Yasuo that just died failing to take a pointless tower.
I get CC locked by a Braum Amumu Shaco fear AND the ever popular 12/1 at this point Galio.

We all reported that Yasuo for intentionally feeding and flaming.
What the hell is wrong with people?

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Post by Nergal on Oct 30, 2018 15:25:10 GMT -7

Ranked had me so tilted this season and I just shifted my focus to Maxing on Runescape.
Less than 2 weeks of the season left and I'm on the ranked YOLO grind.

Also, I'm getting pretty close to having all of the Champions unlocked, as of today 14 left.

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Post by Nergal on May 20, 2019 13:34:54 GMT -7

Have not been playing too much recently.
Last game on:
-Main Account was 3/24/2019
-Alt 1 was 4/01/2019
-Alt 2 was 3/25/2019

School Work kept me rather busy this semester. I managed to play a few Co-op vs AI games sporadically on my 3rd Alt account but I haven't felt that I've had much time to dedicate to ranked.

Ranked on my main has been mostly support, typical of my recent seasons.
However on the Alt accounts I decided to have some fun, mostly meaning play with my friend who I have a terrible win-rate with despite being near each other in Rank at all times. He's usually only a division or two below my main and we didn't play too much ranked together until I got my Alt Accounts to level 30.
Both of my alt accounts are ranked several divisions lower than my main, partly because I don't mind playing with my buddy on them and partly because they do not affect the ELO of my main in any way and allow me room for error and to practice champions which I normally wouldn't play competitively.
Most recently this means enjoying low-ELO Tryndamere enough that I actually want to climb with the champ and see how far I can get. I also rather enjoy Fizz and need to unlock him on the Alt accounts for when I get sent to mid-lane.
I took nearly two months off to focus on school, and frankly right now I should be focused on finding a career, but my aforementioned buddy has started streaming intermittently and I've been wanting to get back into content creation for years now and have been making obstacles for myself in the form of putting school first. Not that it was a bad idea to prioritize school, in hindsight I am glad that I survived and graduated, but I'm swiftly running out of excuses for why not to pursue some amount of video editing.
Might be for LoL, might be for OSRS; it likely won't be for RS3 only because my PC has been wheezing just trying to run RS3 even at minimal settings. I will have to see how well my machine holds up while trying to record and play LoL.
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Post by princesszelda on May 23, 2019 10:45:59 GMT -7

I play ranked almost every time I log into the game, it's just more rewarding than playing for fun. I play to win and every season for the past two seasons when they released ranked rewards for each type of ranked game mode I get gold in all 3 and then play casually. Last season i was at my best at Platinum 4. This season I was placed gold 4 and i've played at least 80 games in gold 4 and cant seem to get out. my LP gains are in the negative and i've only gotten into my promo series once and i lost (this was last night -_-)
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Post by Tipsy Blonde on May 31, 2019 3:09:04 GMT -7

That's not good, I am currently at gold 1 on my main, and on my smurf I keep it at bronze to have fun. I also play mostly adc and Mid, I like mid the most just because of all the burst mages that league has to offer! One of the only bad thing about playing ranked is all of the trolls that decide they want that specific roll and if they don't get it they automatically feed or tilt the team to lose.
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Post by Nergal on Mar 13, 2020 8:47:42 GMT -7

Up until a few nights ago I was still able to see games from November in my match history. Then I made the mistake to play again.

Eternals have released, liquidated some champion shards to get the All Champs Starter Set. Interesting how a few seasons ago there were websites to do these forms of stack tracking, then RIOT said no more of that PLEASE only use our API to access ranked statistics, and now they're trying to sell you the very same stat trackers which were once free. harumph

10 champions left to unlock as of Sett's release