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Minerz4Life - Admin Promo

Nergal Avatar
Nergal GB Staff *****

Post by Nergal on Nov 3, 2016 15:14:11 GMT -7

He's been around a long time now. The only reason I hadn't pushed for him to become an admin previous was because Sordiff picked up the spot. sore subject I know. Minerz is good if we can get him on the forum more, but I've always found him slightly annoying in begging for th Avatar to come out, especially when I've just put it away to take care of a task i can't have a follower for.
He is however right, he's on a lot and often when there aren't other Avatar wardens on, as I'm typing this he recruited a new member.... 36 rune 2722 ..... so he's willing to help recruit. Told him to get on the forum more but I'd say if he's on here a little more we can probably be safe giving Warden to him. TBH i think he just wants the 6% xp but if he's responsible then that's the privilege isn't it?

Jon Avatar
Jon GB Staff *****

Post by Jon on Nov 3, 2016 15:20:15 GMT -7

I told him I need to see him on the forum for us to make that happen because it wouldn't be fair for those who are and have been on the forum to help gain ranks, especially Admin+. They really should have a postcount of 100+, or atleast on the way.

I'm not opposed to him becoming an Admin if he can continue to recruit (100cb+), cap @ the Citadel, start posting around here, and encourage others to as well. (Without being too pushy, annoying, or repetitive)

Keep an eye on him, let me know.