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Pokemon Sun/Moon

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Post by lucario on Aug 25, 2017 15:02:27 GMT -7

I picked up a copy of Moon on release day (unless I'm thinking of another game like Pokemon X/Y).

I got bored of some of the trials but there were sparks at times that "re-caught" my interest. I wanted something different and Pokemon Sun/Moon did that, but I wanted more I guess. Trials were sort of similar to gyms. I wanted a totally new twist in the story instead of the traditional gameplay.

Something like the main character infiltrating the bad guys team with a lot of plot twists. I guess my aims are set too high and this is a fan-made only type of idea. Still, I hope one day Game Freak and The Pokemon Company do something like that in the mainline games.
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Post by fantanoice on Jun 19, 2018 7:11:08 GMT -7

My boyfriend and I picked these up. I got Moon and he got Sun. We both played them blind with Nuzlocke rules, a first for both of us. I started with Rowlett and he had Litten. It was great having us both obtain different Pokemon and have different experiences at the trials. Some I'd find hard and he'd find easy, and vise-versa. I found the story and NPCs wholesome, along with the game being really well balanced for Nuzlocking.

We also picked up Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, Nuzlocking them as well. He finished his months ago but I got mid-way and couldn't be bothered. There wasn't enough new stuff to keep me interested, even though I hear the post-game stuff is really interesting.
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Post by Nergal on May 25, 2020 19:13:00 GMT -7

Well, I picked up moon again during the rona-times.

I had left off somewhere between 1 and 2 thirds of the way through the main story-line and had stopped to hunt for a Ditto and Beldum. They are found on the same mountain.
I didn't recall why I had stopped but quickly was reminded: Cut-scenes, LONG and with no way to fast forward or skip as characters talk slowly, there is nothing noteworthy being animated and I have already finished reading this dialogue, speed it up PLEASE!

Proceeded all the way up to just before the Elite4 and then took a break from the story to fill out the entire Alolan Pokedex, largely by means of ridiculous GTS trading.
With the Local Pokedex complete my only option left for the game was to tackle the Elite 4
So I did with my now over-leveled team, and I was unsurprisingly met with the game freezing in each members' room to play an animation of you being locked into the room; other games in the franchise do this too, but did you really need to disable movement controls JUST to pan across the room? I need to walk there anyway.. the door behind me locked..
A few shockingly beefy walls mixed into the E4 plus Champ Challenger gauntlet, but otherwise very straightforward formula staple of any main story games from the franchise.

Then with the League defeated I begin looking for a sign that the game is saving, or has been saved..... instead I am dragged through a long cutscene of a party for my character, which cannot be sped up and several minutes into it am greeted with dialogue about <going to try to avoid spoilers here> a small postgame mission which I accept.
From there am immediately dragged into a minimally interactive cutscene, still without being allowed to save, complete this forced content and am expecting to be able to save?
Nope, here's another cutscene relating to details from the aforementioned party scene. Okay plotpoints yadda yadda, and credits start rolling.... wait.... where the heck is the option to SAVE??? So I draft up this post and at the very end of the credits I can save the game.....

There is NO use of 3d functionality and yet this game still suffers framerate issues on its native platform, particularly so in double battles.
Disabling battle animations helps, but should we have to??

And, here's a thought, let's release a even more cookie-cutter than usual game in the Ultra versions of Sun & Moon:
the plot's the same, but we've added a whopping 9 techniques and 5 whole pokemon which aren't cross-compatible with the base versions of the game which released under a year prior.
I don't know if there were any optimizations made to the game-engine for UltraSun or UltraMoon, but I'm not paying for a 2nd copy of a full game (to get what could/should have just been DLC content) in order to find that out. If a game isn't finished, delay it; patch it if needed, I guess; but releasing the game at full retail price, to re-release it in a completed format a year later for FULL RETAIL PRICE is kind of f'd

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