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Sordiff - The Service Proposal

Nergal Avatar
Nergal GB Staff *****

Post by Nergal on Oct 19, 2016 12:15:48 GMT -7

Sordiff has proposed some interesting ideas to me in game over the past week or so, he even mentioned taking his idea to forums though I don't think he has yet.

It was an in-game service idea regarding GE buy limits, i told him it's a great idea but I also pointed out a few of the issues (possibility of getting scammed organization etc).

Definitely a bright guy, although I know he's a father and not sure how much time he can actually spend doing things for the forum.

I told him I don't currently have the bank funds to support starting the business he was thinking about, and i really don't, but if he used the forum as his base of operation he could build up the resources he needs to run it on his own (if he still wants to try it) while using the forum goers as a test group.

Greed is good. Offering in game services through the forum good prove beneficial to the forum (good for you) as well as profitable in game (good for the service providers).

A runescape services board: bypassing buy limits, boss learning, minigames, dungeoneering carries (i forget the word we use) *leeching?, etc etc etc

It runs from the idea that people won't come to the forum without a good reason. It's an extension of what I'm planning to do once I'm more comfortable bossing solo. It's great to have the forum with all that we do offer, but we need to convince guests that this is the ideal location for their own planning, what makes us better than other sites.

And the biggest problem with the service model is of course availability, Runescape runs 24/7 people do not, we're primarily a North American clan and site, we need to find a way to get a more global audience.
We also really don't have enough Avatar Wardens that are active at the moment, and it's kind of a pain to carry her around all the time myself, if there's a way to set permissions that we can give Warden privileges and recruiter privileges but nothing more, and then make higher ranks the REAL we gotta know the people ranks? Like we have ranks above admin I know, but if we gave admin to the people that are just on all the time, getting clan xp, and ASKING ME TO TAKE OUT AVA (i usually have her out, sometimes I can't) then it could save us (me) a lot of headache
But I gotta know that they get Warden and can't break anything (ban randomly or whatever, idk you've been doing this longer than me)

Also, I'm planning on promoting Sordiff to be able to take avatar out, he's on quite often and is again a nice responsible and intelligent individual
I think ava should be given on merit of play, we can't force everyone to come here but the admins that DO decide to start planning things here should be the people we look into promoting further. Thoughts?

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Jon GB Staff *****

Post by Jon on Oct 19, 2016 12:35:40 GMT -7

I'm for the promotion of Sordiff, if he's going to cap weekly and bring the Avatar out, plus be active here on the forum. We can only allow Admin+ to take out the Avatar, we could strip the privileges a bit but I'd rather just have Admins we can trust and who support the clan by recruiting and by being active in the CC and forum. Plus of course, encouraging others to do the same. We are in a serious need for new recruits and I hardly see any coming in unless I'm out there doing it myself, that needs to change. Hopefully with the new Admin(s), it will.

I'm all for offering the RuneScape services here on the forum, if you or Sordiff have an idea/blueprint for what boards need to be added just let me know, I can make a home for the service if there's no suitable area at this time.