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Profanity Filter Bug

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Nergal GB Staff *****

Post by Nergal on Oct 7, 2016 23:12:39 GMT -7

So i discovered a bug with the profanity filter a while ago, I don't think I brought it up at the time.

There have been a few times that I've uploaded a broken video link or hyperlink, and at one point pointed it out and another you simply deleted the post. I have a terrible short term memory so I couldn't remember the link I was trying to provide and left it at that at the time.
But I figured out the problem. I never upload broken links, a link may break at some point, if a video gets removed or such, if that's the case I'd happily simply delete the post; but one time you called me out on a post that broke within a few hours of my posting it, being funny you reported it so I could moderate myself, and i couldn't remember what i was linking to, found it strange it had already broken since i took up the habit of pasting links into the address bar in a new tab before posting, double checking you know, and so i just deleted that post.

One day though i figured out the issue, i tried to link to a reddit post and tested the link AFTER posting directly through the post, it broke, tried the paste method (the url still in my clipboard) and the link worked, so why is it that it breaks within the post?

The profanity filter, the profanity filter pluggin censors the words in the url, i think the url said something like cool f***ing coffee (sand coffee post, could link later but not really relevant) except entirely spelled out so you know http//reddit/r/oddlysatisfying/cool-****ing-coffee or something would've been the url, i don't remember exactly what it was and it doesn't mater, it's re-creatable though, find a url with a word that our pluggin filters in it and it will convert the swear word to *********** and leave you with a broken link

here's a link to F 'ing cool cars, link

.. awkward, as it turns out they have the redirect for the link of*******-Cool-Cars-1511286589198213/    
but in cases where they dont own both domains, it DOES break the links
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Jon GB Staff *****

Post by Jon on Oct 7, 2016 23:40:50 GMT -7

Ahh, well I don't see any other way around this other than to remove the profanity filter. I'm not with or opposed to it, to be honest. It's definitely something I'm willing to put up for discussion.
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Nergal GB Staff *****