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[Pokemon GO] Share your Progress

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Vu1canF0rce GB Gamer ***

Post by Vu1canF0rce on Jan 25, 2020 10:21:15 GMT -7

Trainer Name: Vu1canF0rce
Trainer Level: 25 1/2
Date Downloaded: 7/7/2016
Team Color: Yellow
Highest CP Pokemon: 1961 Granbull
Pokedex Seen: 294
Pokedex Caught: 264

POGO has been one of those love-hate games for me. I downloaded it day 2 (hate I missed day 1), and I played almost daily for the first year -- even through all the stupid server issues and lack of features then -- but then the "love-hate" part came in. I was tired of grinding this game and so I trickled off and played every blue moon up until the point where I uninstalled it for about a month or two (sometime last year), but then I re-downloaded it almost immediately b/c I realized I didn't have to be as aggressive at playing and getting ahead when I could still play casually (stupid inner-monologue I guess). Now I play just when I have a bored moment or go into the really nice parts of town and know there are Pokemon about.

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