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M3rciless or Die Trying - Season 1

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Post by demarco on Jun 24, 2016 10:49:10 GMT -7

Last time we see our villans enter the realm of runescape and survey their areas for future deployment. Now it is time to head back to headquarters.

Scene: M3rciless Citadel
*Teleporter activates and The Saint Ex and Demarco walk out of it.*
The Saint Ex: We robbed a house and found a party hat inside. We used the money to raise my big *** mansion over varrock.
Demarco16: Omfg! We're in the sky!
The Saint Ex: Come with me, it's time I introduced you to some people.
*Our villans walk into something resembling a strip club*
The Saint Ex: Here's some dragon bitter, some candentine herbs, and would you also like a lap dance?
Demarco16: No thanks. I learned my lesson 10 years ago...
*An armored figure approaches them*
Goldakasha: Who is this tall dark and handsome person?
The Saint Ex: This is Demarco, our new general.
Goldakasha: Well you came to the right place. I am the clan's mistress. My women will keep you protected in all your endeavors. *Extends wings*
Demarco16: Omfg! You have wings! On my momma you got wings! Holy **** I cant believe what the **** I am seeing. Got da--
The Saint Ex: We have new policies, no hard-core pimps here unless they work for me! Infact, yo Jkappa!
Jkappa:What is it?
The Saint Ex: I want you to meet our newest gangbanger.
Jkappa: Wassup my ***.
Demarco16: **** nigga whats happenin.
The Saint Ex: Come outside niggas and hos, i wanna show you something.
Demarco16: *Smokes herbs* Okay *coughs*
*Walks out into a garden filled with herb patches*
The Saint Ex: 10 years ago I figured something out. Why steal ranarr weed when I can grow it! This is our own private stash. 
*bushes rustle. A warrior on a terrorbird appears*
Goldakasha: It's the Saints! Hold on! *Runs into strip club*
Demarco16: And who the hell are you?
DOGMAI: I am general DOGMAI, a NPC created to destroy M3rciless.
Demarco16: By stealing our herbs? Your mom is so dumb she had to call 411 to get the number for 911.
The Saint Ex: Dont do that! He's level 200!!!
DOGMAI: Let me scan this ***** nigga. His total level is 1900. I can kill you easily. But this is a warning. *Throws chimponga* Goodbye!!! *Teleports*
*Goldakasha returns with her women*
Goldakasha: Put the fire out! Are you guys okay? DOGMAI is one of the strongest NPC's in runescape, and he fights like we do!
Jkappa: We need to do something about this.
The Saint Ex: It all starts with the money...lets go rob the varrock west bank.

Episode 1 Ended

Who created general DOGMAI? What is his plan? Find out next time on M3rciless or Die Trying.

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Post by demarco on Jun 25, 2016 9:19:26 GMT -7

In the last episode we see our villans preparing for war...

Episode 2
Scene: M3rciless Citadel - Weapons Storage

The Saint Ex: Now if we are going to survive against the saints were gonna need money and weapons. Good thing we have weapons...
*Demarco picks up dragon ar-15*
The Saint Ex: Take that to our weapons dealer to get it fitted.... Everyone, lock and load.
*Everyone begins to cock their weapons. Overcocking them even. One fire discharges.*
The Saint Ex: My ******** roof!!!
Goldakasha: Sorry!
The Saint Ex: Like your mom was when i took her way downtown...
*M3rciless walks into another room with a guy standing at a counter.
Jpalmer11: Welcome to my weapons store. We got everything you need from old school weapons, to past present ones. Daggers, scimitars, shotguns all in dragon form ready to start something. Whats the problem?
Jkappa: 1 word...DOGMAI
Jpalmer11: Holy ****! I thought i smelled herbs burning but i started to feel really really good *takes deep breath*. I love the smell of ranarr weed in the morning. Im coming with you guys *picks up dragon double barrel shotgun*.
*M3rciless walks outside and towards the portal, taking them to west varrock.*

Scene: Outside Varrock West Bank
The Saint Ex: Okay heres the plan....Goldakasha's women will go inside the bank and one of them will fake a heart attack. While security is taking care of the problem me and Demarco will go into the vaults, to telegrab everything in sight. As we are leaving Jkappa and Jpalmer will walk in, go behind the counters, and grab all the money in sight. We will meet up at my red esculade after this is all done. We have 20 minutes before Jagex arrives. Let's do this!!!
All: M3rciless!!!
*Goldakasha and her women walk inside the bank.*
Goldakasha: Pnutty4evea, if you can do this right, you will be promoted to the first female pimp. Ladies are pimps too go brush your shoulders off.
*Pnutty4evea brushes her shoulders off, then begins to have heart attack symptoms.*
Pnutty4evea: OMG im having a heart attack!
*The guards rush over to her side.*
Goldakasha: *looks into crystal* It's done, GO GO GO
The Saint Ex: Let's go punk beezie...that never gets old.
*Demarco and The Saint Ex go into the vault*
Demarco: Comeon lets do this *Uses telegrab spell*
The Saint Ex: 12 minutes left...What's that?
*All M3rciless members run into the vault.*
Jpalmer11: Close that shit nigga...he's here!
Demarco: Who?
*Wall busts open revealing light from the outside.*
DOGMAI: All gay mother******* must leave.
Jkappa: Well I guess I gotta go...
The Saint Ex: Stay here pimpin. We got this one!
Saints4ever: No you dont!
Demarco: Omg its pimp bubbles, where have you been...
The Saint Ex: Dont get close, he's the enemy. The leader of the Saints and the one who created DOGMAI.
Saints4ever: Leave varrock, or suffer my wrath! *Pulls out Bandos Galting Gun*
The Saint Ex: Hold on im gonna telegroup us out of here! *teleport activates*

Scene: M3rciless Citadel
Goldakasha: Were back, pnutty4evea you are now a pimp. How much money did we get?
The Saint Ex: 50M...this isnt enough to do ****. Well we can get new weapons but were gonna have to start taking back turf. It's time we started working out using our citadel activities. We need charcoal, ore, and wood. Itll get us buff.

Episode 2 Ended

Will the training be enough to defeat the saints? Find out in episode 3...

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Post by demarco on Jun 26, 2016 8:19:24 GMT -7

And now, our feature presentation...

Episode 3
Scene: M3rciless Citadel

Demarco16: Im tired of hauling wood, and my firemaking is only 94. How much longer must I do this?
Nospy: Until your muscles scream for you to stop! Now keep going woman!
Demarco16: Woman? Let me talk about the woman in your life...Yo momma's so fat and old when God said, "Let there be light," he asked your mother to move out of the way. Yo momma is so fat when she got on the scale it said, "I need your weight not your phone number." Your momma is so ugly she made One Direction go another direction. How's that?
*Nospy raises his abyssal whip. The Saint Ex walks up to them.*
The Saint Ex: That will be enough Nospy. *The Saint Ex looks at Demarco* I see you met our resident thug, bring back any memories?
Demarco16:Sure does my nigga! *High fives The Saint Ex*
The Saint Ex: He is our combat specialist. Well anyways our crop has came in that weve been growing for the last month. We have more ranarr weed. We need to sell this **** on the east side of town...In saint territory. This has been laced with a drug that will kill them. We just need to make sure the members recieve and smoke this. And dont worry, heres some safe ranarr to smoke while youre out. Choose your 3 man team to go.
*Demarco, Jpalmer, and Nospy pile up into the red exculade and head out to East Varrock.*

Scene: East Varrock: Corner of 68th and gower st.
Demarco: Everyone fall in on heres the plan. Nospy you will take the east corner. Jpalmer you will take the west corner. Ill be listening to panda on the radio *lights ranarr weed blunt*.
Nospy: What if we run into DOGMAI?
Jpalmer: Then teleport, we can get another esculade.
*6 hours later...*
Jpalmer: Business is booming, were drug dealers!
*Siren goes off. Jagex mod walks out the car and up to the esculades window.*
Demarco16: I got broads in Atlanta!...I mean is there a problem officer?
Jagex Mod: No problem, just rush rour. *Shoots into car*
Nospy: **** DOGMAI found us, and Jagex is here.
Jpalmer: Shoot the Mod before he gets away and the lets get the hell outta here!
*Jpalmer pulls out two dragon smg's. Nospy equips the godgun, a 1 hit kill weapon.*
Nospy: Draw him out and ill make the killing shot.
*Jpalmer rapidly fires at the Mod. The killing shot was then made by Nospy.
Jpalmer: We gotta get back to the citadel now! We cant fight 2 wars. Plus we got our cash.
*M3rciless piles into the esculade and attempt to drive all the way to the clan camp outside Falador.
Demarco16: How much damage did he do to me?
Nospy: He did 9899. You only had 1 hp left ****. Goldakasha will know what to do...

Episode 3 Ended
Preorder episode 4 today. Call 555-5555.

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Post by demarco on Jun 27, 2016 9:10:35 GMT -7

All preorders were cancelled due to insuficcient funds...

Episode 4
Scene: Falador Highway

Jpalmer: **** what are we gonna do? Were being chased by the Saints and Jagex! *Throws bottle out of window.*
Nospy: Do what im about to do. Chill in the back and smoke some ranarr. *Lights blunt*
Demarco: That stuff smells funny *coughs*
Nospy: Ummm...why are there white hairs on this instead of dark green?...Uh oh *stomach boils*
Jpalmer: Aww hell no! Were almost at the exit, hold on my niggas!
*M3rciless takes the clan camp exit*
Jpalmer: Are you okay Nospy?
Nospy: What do you think im super poisoned!
Japlmer: Thats what she said!
*M3rciless arrive at the clan gate, which is blocked by Jagex police officers.*
Demarco: *Get's up* Run through them! 10 points!
*M3rciless runs through the cops and into the portal.

Scene: M3rciless Citadel
Pnutty4eva: My lady, we've been so busy conquering our turf. Can we get a break?
Goldakasha: Break me off a piece of that kit kat bar and ill think about it.
Pnutty4eva: No! It's my kit kat!
Goldakasha: Send the 5th unit to the anvils in west varrock.
Pnutty4eva: Yes ma'am! *Pnutty walks towards the portal overlooking varrock when it activates*
*The red esculade races into the pavement and crashes into a tree. Goldakasha and Pnutty4eva run towards the scene. Screen goes blank. They wake up 3 hours later.

Scene: M3rciless Citadel: Infirmary
The Saint Ex: Mission accomplished! And with only 1 person in critical condition and another one poisoned! Now I know this **** works.
Nospy: Nigga!
Demarco16: Save your strength...we made 500M. Lets see what we did *turns on TV and switches to W111.*
TV Reporter: In other news an altercation with rival gang members broke out in Eastern Varrock this morning where a poison was administrated killing 55 Saint members. Our hearts go out to those who were lost, including a Jagex Mod. SIr what do you think about this?
Jagex Mod: Well when people are allowed to drive magic powered cars and use 1 hit kill illegal weapons anything can happen. That's why we are giving over part ownership of the city to the Saints. Even Saradomin embraces them so you know they are good.
TV Reporter: Witness have also seen a red esculade escaping the scene of the crime and a lvl 200 NPC running after them using nothing but his legs.
*Demarco turns off TV*
Demarco16: Okay what the **** did he just say? The Saints now own the city? DOGMAI needs to be stopped. WE did just kill 1/4 of their members after all.
The Saint Ex: Well back to the drawing board...I need time to figure out our next action.
*1 Day later...*
Goldakasha: Eat this guys. It's rockfish soup and sushi.
*Demarco takes a bite, and regains his strength*
Goldakasha: And this too. Its an antidote.
*Nospy drinks the antidote and regains his strength.*
Goldakasha: And some common sense for you!
*Goldakasha slaps Jpalmer*
Goldakasha: Next time leave the ******** car there. DO you know how many esculades we got?
*The Saint Ex walks into the door*
The Saint Ex: Good news everyone! This is our new recruit Kenjute. He knows how to kick ass.
Demarco: Jpalmer, what does the scouter say about his total level?
Jpalmer11: It's over 2000!!! *Breaks scouter* He's as strong as we are.
The Saint Ex: That's why we need him in this next operation...were gonna assasinate Saints4ever.
Goldakasha: But how he's always protected by DOGMAI.
The Saint Ex: Best believe I got something for his *** too.
Jpalmer11: I have some dragon sniper rifles at the shop.
Demarco: Awesome!
The Saint Ex: Now all we need is the plan...

Episode 4 Ended

It's time to take the battle to them!

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Post by demarco on Jun 28, 2016 22:01:23 GMT -7

Sorry for the wait but I was out the whole day. Now onto the show!

Episode 5
Scene: M3rciless Citadel

The Saint Ex: Okay everyone fall in on me...
*M3rciless members Demarco, Goldakasha, Jpalmer, Jkappa, Nospy, pnutty4eva, and Kenjute form a line in front of The Saint Ex*
The Saint Ex: Okay niggas! Here is what we are going to do. There will be a parade in Varrock to give Saints4ever the key to the city. Now Kenjute, you will take the dragon sniper rifle and right when you have the shot, take it! The ***** nigga will then be relocated into the castle. The rest of us will do the matrix scene until we reach the top floor and fight DOGMAI. Now I have some specs on this guy and he only does 1v1 combat, so we will be free to attack from all sides. Now let's do this!
M3rciless members: M3rciless!

Scene: Downtown Varrock - Center Fountain
Kenjute: Ill be up on the roof, now kick his ass!
*M3rciless equips their best modern day weapons*
Demarco16: Wait for it...his esculade will be arriving soon.
*A blue esculade slowly makes its way through the parade. It parks and Saints4ever comes out.*
Saints4ever: Hello my people! I have some good news for this city, and that news is--*Gunshot is fired hitting Saints4ever in the chest.*
Saint member #1: Quick, get him inside *RUshes Saints4ever out of the spotlight. Smoke appears.*
The Saint Ex: Nows our chance, let's go! *Drinks slow motion potion.*

Scene: Varrock Castle
*M3rciless walks into the building.
Saint Member #2: Put all metallic items in the tray.
*Nospy walks up to the counter and places his bags on the table. Nospy reaches into his coat and pulls out 2 godguns and starting firing at everyone in sight.*
The Saint Ex: Attack!!! *Dodges bullets in slow motion.*
*M3rciless kicks *** right away using everything they had. AK-47's, Uzi's, Magnums, all in dragon form.
Jkappa: Say hello to my little friend! *Fires dragon shotgun*
*Demarco16 runs on the walls holding 2 dragon uzi's firing at all saint members in sight. He avoids triggering the forcefield.*
Demarco16: Goldakasha, disable the forcefield!
Goldakasha: Women, you heard the man!
Saint Member #3: Hey! Can I get them digits?
Goldakasha: Hell no! *Fires dragon magnum*
*All first floor members have been killed. Saint Executive comes off the elevator.*
Saint Executive: Mr Danthex...In order to kill us you have to go through me 1st. *Hand begins to glow.* Goodbye! *Summons chaos elemental*
M3rciless: ****, a boss.
The Saint Ex: This is what weve been training for. Delta formation!
*Sniper bullet crashes into the building, killing the executive.*
*M3rciless fights the chaos elemental, being teleported everywhere.*
Demarco16: I was hoping I didnt have to use this. *Equips abyssal whip*. Im gonna send him to the abyss. You! Off my planet! *Demarco teleports the choas elemental to the abyss.* Let's go...
*All M3rciless members enter the elevator. A piece of the wall breaks off as they pass.*
The Saint Ex: It's almost over... We should be able to kill him easily. *Equips abyssal whip.* Ill send both of them to their deaths in the abyss.
*Elevator reaches top floor.*
*M3rciless walks out the elevator.*
Jpalmer11: DOGMAI, were here to kill you!
DOGMAI: I've been waiting for you guys, but you dont know who you are messing with. *Blue aura surrounds him.* I will kill you all!!! *Ground shakes.* I am the alpha runescape omega!!!! *Hair turns from black to blue.* Do you know what DOGMAI is spelled backwords?
Demarco16: Your mom?
DOGMAI: No!!!!!! *DOGMAI transforms into IAMGOD.*
Pnutty4eva: Aww hell naw! He's a lvl 999 boss now!
IAMGOD: Come at me when youre ready...This will be your final battle!

Episode 5 Ended

Now that DOGMAI has transformed into IAMGOD does M3rciless stand a chance. Find out in the season finally of M3rciless or Die Trying!
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Post by demarco on Jun 29, 2016 16:43:00 GMT -7

And now, the season finale!

Episode 6
Secne: Varrock Castle - Top Floor

IAMGOD: I'll start with the weakest person.
Demarco16: ******. You! Off my planet! *Demarco attempts do teleport IAMGOD to the abyss, but it does not work.*
Nospy: Hold on! *Nospy fires dual godguns at IAMGOD. He catches every bullet.*
*IAMGOD uses his saradomin godsword to attack Demarco. They exchange hits.*
The Saint Ex: Now's out chance, Attack!!!
*Merciless begin to fire at IAMGOD. He begins to get weaker and weaker.
Goldakasha: Just concentrate on staying alive Demarco, we will cover the rest. Pray up!
Demarco16: Nigga he uses all 3 combat styles. But my defense and hp is 99 so ill be good. He's just a machine patented by jagex.
Jkappa: This is kind of fun. It reminds me when-
*Elevator opens revealing Saints4ever.*
Saints4ever: Oh ****, to the roof, were leaving by gnomecopter! *Elevator door closes.*
Jpalmer11: No spy, make the killing shot while he's weak.
*No spy's god bullet hits IAMGOD, killing him. He drops rewards.*
The Saint Ex: Hell yea, 10M a piece...To the roof Demarco, this kill is yours.

Scene: Varrock Castle - Roof
Saints4ever: The name your price tool from progressive, with this ill rule the world of car insurane!
The Saint Ex: Kill him!
*Demarco16 kicks Saints4ever off the roof.*
Saints4ever: Itll save you money! *Falls to the ground.*
Demarco16: Maybe I need to stick with the general...

The End

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Post by duriung on Jul 29, 2019 0:56:59 GMT -7

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