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Something we don't generally think about from patch to patch, season to season, is the ability for new players to enter the game. If you are new or teaching someone new to play keep this stuff in mind:

Learning to play any MOBA is a huge hill to climb, and larger still if it's your first MoBA.
If you have friends that play the game ask them questions about it, don't try to play every game with them though when you're new, gotta learn certain things on your own.

Break it down two ways.

Mechanical Practice - last hitting, positioning, hitting and dodging skillshots, not hitting the wrong spell keys, not letting yourself die, ability combos, etc
Strategic Improvement - Proper ward locations, when to group, how to distribute farm, when to trade, itemization, when to take objectives, not putting yourself in a position to die

Mechanical is up to you, if you do terrible mechanically your friends can't help you much; got to play to get better.
If you can win your lane but not the game Strategy is the issue and THIS is when it's ok to bother all of your friends for help, play a few games with them, listen to their advice and try to follow it. If they've played significantly longer than you they are probably right, or partly right (your buddies could be lowbies), about what you're doing wrong; don't argue about what they say, listen and interpret then attempt it .

MOBAs can be really fun but they can be frustrating too, don't get too discouraged when you're new; these games are alive and every patch brings new changes, no player can know everything for very long, and remember that we have a huge human element. Some people are good and some people are bad, some people nice others are mean; if you do your best and are actively trying to learn and improve then ignore any hate you get because usually a loss can teach you more than a win. Find out what you did wrong and try not to do it again.

League was the first MOBA that I played and I was behind most of my high school friends by a few seasons by the time I started playing. I remember that the first champion I ever played (aside from Ashe in the tutorial) was Kha'zix and I played him twice before realizing that learning him and his complex kit, when compared with other champions at the time (started a few weeks before the Yasuo reveal), first probably wasn't the most streamlined experience.

I picked up Annie and remember how terrible I was in the beginning. Farm was bad, map awareness was bad, teamfight bad, and item use was bad. Ward placement? Only crossed my mind when forced to play support, oh boy how wrong I was.

I played mostly Annie for at least my first 50 or so normal games, if someone locked Annie before me I'd pick a random free rotation and do my best to translate what little I had learned so far to this new champion.

Annie was my comfort pick and having an early main to get a feel for the game with was definitely a good idea at least in how I learn, probably varies from person to person. Then I picked up 1 champ for each role and tried to focus learning one at a time if I got said role.

I had a good group of friends that I could Skype or would see in school the next day if I had any questions about the game or some mechanics. I can hardly imagine how long it would've taken for me to understand some of the more intricate ideas of the game without them and it's sad to know know of those original friends that taught me directly still play; but getting past the basics of the game I ended up practicing on my initial grind to level30 and somewhere along the line I dragged my roommate down into the horror of MOBA games with me.

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