NGC - Super Mario Sunshine

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Post by Nergal on Jun 6, 2016 10:55:47 GMT -7

Remember this game fondly even though it was a mess (no pun intended).

Controls and physics in the game were kind of wonky at times. The storyline was pretty bland, they tried to make it more than just save Peach with the whole clean up the world spin but meh...
Most of the bosses were a tad repetitive. 

Honestly though there were a lot of creative design choices, it was still a platformer but they made adequate use of the jetpack/supersoaker gimmick.
Still some of the missions frustrated the hell out of me as a kid; thinking of Eel's Dentist, Goopy Inferno, and Manta Storm. Red coins on the sand bird too...
Replaying it, I still didn't beat EVERY level first try, sometimes because weird physics/cameras and sometimes because the game genuinely has a few challenging moments.

What was your favorite part about this game?

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Post by jennyoralice on Nov 19, 2017 16:23:52 GMT -7

I remember playing this game on the GameCube. This was one of my favorite games for this particular console. Of course, I've always been a big Mario fan anyway so this game would automatically be something that I'd like. But I like that they did something different with Mario in this game.
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Post by fantanoice on Jun 19, 2018 5:57:25 GMT -7

I had this game growing up and enjoyed it. It wasn't as inspired as Super Mario 64 but it still had some charm. Bowser Jr was my favourite Mario character for a while and he was introduced in this.

The furthest I ever got was getting all the named stars but I never managed to find all the blue coins. I could have used a guide, sure, but that felt so cheap at the time. :P
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