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Post by Nergal on May 5, 2016 20:14:09 GMT -7

Alright so a while back I discover this website Tremor Games that gives you "free" stuff (activation codes for Steam games, LoL Content, Runescape prepaid cards, etc). And I've actually gotten like 6 Steam games out of it already, list will be below. 
They also do like raffle type giveaways, some are free to enter, others have requirements and cost in coins. 

Alright so by "free" I mean the site makes you do things to get coins. The activities are "free" IMO as follows:

Daily login Coins (increases slightly over time, don't have to do anything, is just given to you)
Playing games/ achievment coins (you are given coins, in a sense gamerscore, for playing various flash "achievment" games, basically random mini-clip games and certain ones give u coins as you beat them with a pluggin for achievments much the same as like... kongregate ("..." because i had to look it up, like armor games? nah nah what was it....)
And lastly by "completing offers" basically what (runescape does with the "earn free keys" b.s.) so turn adblock off and start watching videos. The upside to this method is that the first completed offer of the day gives you an extra 5 coins, be careful using this method as some of the stuff is kinda sketchy or isn't free, videos are usually safe in my experience.

I often forget to login though I should more because free swag.

Anyway this is what the site looks like:

Oh and as for the stuff I've gotten so far:
Orcs Must Die (Steam)
Stacking Game (Steam) 
Little Inferno (Steam) 
Deathspank and Deathspank: Thongs of Virtue (Steam)
the Wonderful end of the World (Steam)
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Post by Lanbo on Aug 10, 2018 12:33:10 GMT -7

I used to do these kinds of things before, where you fill out surveys and stuff to get free things. I could never keep at it long enough to actually accrue points to redeem stuff so good on you haha. There was a BIG website when I was in middle school or so. Skate something? I can't remember exactly, but it looked fancy and colorful lol..
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