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Shin Megami Tensei I-IV
Devil Survivor (1 and 2, plus their 3DS reboots)
Devil Summoner Soul Hackers

and all the other Atlus games in these sub franchises.

If the SMT title sounds vaguely familiar you may recognize it from the more popular Persona games?
List of Shin Megami Tensei Media

The SMT games generally share some form of TCG/monster-training mechanic in the form of dieties and demons (little like pokemon or digimon type of rpg). The format of battles and methods of acquiring new creatures is different in each of the games though in all that come to mind it involves the sacrifice of 2 or more creatures to create a new one (for better or worse). Most offer a newgame+ mechanic as well as multiple endings based on your choices, so there's plenty of content to keep you playing.

Without spoiling anything actually.
The story of Devil Survivor is apocalyptic and SMT: IV is post-apocalyptic and I believe SMT: IV is set after one of the possible endings of the Devil Survivor games, based on certain scenes and landmarks, these are the few I've played and it's interesting to has the between games easter eggs in games completely independent of each other.

I really enjoy these games and would totally recommend them but and I warn you they can be long if you don't know the patterns of the franchise and without looking up a strategy guide you could trap yourself for hours grinding and trying to upgrade. The experimentation is half the fun though so even though it would be easier to just look up what to combine to get ahead but the experience is really about screwing up, the game has multiple endings because certain choices you make both story-wise and build-wise (how you choose to fight end develop your character) make certain paths easier than others; if it's your first SMT game it SHOULD take you hours to understand what you're doing but once you figure out the META of one you conceptually could play any. 
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