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SMITE (a LoL player's perspective)

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Post by Nergal on Apr 25, 2016 12:59:50 GMT -7

Smite is a free to play Multiplayer Online Battle Arena, like League of Legends or DotA, released by HI-REZ STUDIOS in March 2014. The thing that separates Smite is its 3rd person perspective. The game feels very momentum reliant, and stopping to give specific instructions is difficult because you move your character with WASD keys, they compensate with a very layered, and specific, ping system.
Hi-rez showed up a bit late in trying to release a MOBA which is probably the only reason they aren't more popular right now; it isn't a perfect game but they did A LOT of things right:
    1) Limited pool of free gods permanently unlocked from the start. Smite provides a few tutorials to teach controls and familiarize yourself with the standard game modes, the 5 gods you can choose for the tutorials are permanently unlocked for use so when you start learning you will always have something familiar to fall back to if the rotating queue doesn't feel right to you one week.
    2) Multiple game modes, multiple maps.
        All LoL players get sick of 5v5 summoners rift now and then and our other options are limited to say the least.
        Smite has:
            Conquest (standard competitive 5v5 map, with neutral monsters in the jungle)

            Arena (5v5 deathmatch, win by killing your enemies and CS'ing properly)
            Joust (3v3 more laid back than Conquest, think twisted treeline but actually played for fun not just to sneak
                gold season rewards
            Siege (4v4, 2 lanes, play revolves around spawning Siege minions {basically a useful PoroKing})
            Assault (ARAM)
            Clash (2 lane conquest)
            Match of the Day (the rotating queue? new game mode every day, lot of URF lot of All for One type modes)
    3) Win of the day IN EACH QUEUE (you get win of the day favor (IP) once a day in every queue, not one win of the day in any mode all modes give their own.
    4)Login Bonus (small amount of increasing favor (ip) each day and gems(rp) day 6 and 7, resets after day 7)
    5)God mastery REQUIRED to play a god in ranked (you need to win about 10 games or lose ALOT more on a god before you can take them into a ranked queue.
    6)Skins purchasable with favor (ip) (ok most are just recolors but it's a good notion)
    7)higher god mastery unlocks better recolor skins
    8)Surrender @ 10 mins (sometimes it's necessary, and here you have the option)
    9)no All chat
  10)If you've played another MOBA you'll do fine once you learn the controls.

I'm still a LoL player but in the short-term Smite is a TON of fun. Gets stale when you're alone though, and I think part of the reason so few people play smite is because they already have too many hours invested in LoL or DotA or their friends play those games.
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Post by princesszelda on Mar 30, 2019 11:18:50 GMT -7

Can confirm as a LoL player since s3, anything more complicated than LoL i can't comprehend MOBAs. I've tried HoTS and DOTA2 but League has a place in my heart that even I can't seem to reach. Even with all of the toxicity and unbalanced gameplay LoL still has me coming back for some ungodly reason.
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