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Malzahar, what to expect when he's the enemy's first pick

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Post by Nergal on Mar 27, 2016 22:19:20 GMT -7

(pre rework)
You could just guess he's AP mid and that is most likely, but your guess can very quickly prove wrong. Here's what Malz can do:

Malzahar is an Immobile mage. His kit includes:
Voidling pets that get stronger over the course of their short life-span
The longest silence in the game in an AoE
AoE % health magic damage
DoT with mana regen built in that spreads like the plague
A ranged surpress

Malzahar is surprisingly versitle in his kit. I have played him in every position with some degree of success.

AP Malzahar (Standard): Rush Rod of Ages, after that build whatever ap items seem helpful to you and your overall team comp

Tear of the Goddess also works as a starting item, into Seraph's Embrace, but I only do this when playing support Malz and my ADC is behind. (If you can't farm minions with your E on them you will need the extra mana)

Lindrys is almost always good on Malz.

Railai's if you want a little extra beef or want Lindry Synergy (build after Lindry's if you are building this)

Void staff, cut through that MR the enemy is going to need to stop you.

Rabadon's Deathcap, raw AP, not much to say.

Support Malz:
Coin/Spellthief (ADC has to be good keeping ahead of Maliific Visions (e) if you wanna do spellthief though it is the better choice)
Tear (get it before sightstone, you gonna need the mana)
Wards (you're still a support here)
Banner of Command (start codex path for damage and CDR)
After that Lindry's nd Raylai's or whatever seems useful at the time

AD Malzahar (Scaling mana regen glyphs HIGHLY advised):
AD malz works because the voidlings have massive AD scalings and get your Armor Pen on their Auto modifiers. THEY DO NOT APPLY ON HIT AFFECTS (excpt for black cleaver armor shread) OR LIFESTEAL AND ARE NOT AFFECTED BY YOUR ATTACK SPEED
In the jungle start your Q, get a voidling prepared on fountain the way an Annie does her stun. Buy totem, get a Tear before finishing jg item, it's going to be Warrior Enchantment though blade choice is yours (warding one advised). First clear is rough after that (arguably) fastest in game.
In lane start your E for mana sustain. Focus on CSing early, back and buy Tear as soon as you can.

Max E first, only ability that has shorter cooldowns with more points, also better mana sustain
AD Malz need 4 things: AD, Armor Pen, CDR and Mana
With a few voidlings you can take some of the fastest towers in the game
Your abilities will do minimal damage and become purely utility. Spam them to get a voidling primed, try not to get caught out, if only one comes after you summon minions as quick as you can then ult them.

Lastly Top lane Tanky Malz:
(Probably works on Brand too)
Start Rod of Ages for HP and Mana plus some scaling AP so you do some damage.
Banner of Command + zzrot portal
Lindry's and or Rylai's

I didn't mention boots, they are highly situational. Lucidity works on all builds and is advised on AD. Sorc's for and but AD. Swifties (not mobies, e left in lane is a form of combat) for when ya gotta go fast. and generally Mercs > Tabi. (Berserkers are terrible on everyone, doubly so on malz who is not an auto attack based champion)
*no attack speed items*no spellblade* just don't*
For more info on JG AD Malz check out Aqua Dragon's Guide

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