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Post by mrchub on Mar 25, 2016 23:23:04 GMT -7

Hello everyone!

Been considering this awhile now...unfortunately I wasted some time on OSRS and no longer play, the good news is I made about 170M on old school runescape I am now willing to swap any amount with RS3.

the exchange rate is 1M osrs for 5M rs3

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Post by Jon on Mar 26, 2016 12:36:17 GMT -7

Hey Chub!

Welcome to

I'm glad you finally decided to join us. I hope you can find use of the forum and provide us with any feedback, comments, questions or suggestions you may have or problems you may encounter.

Make yourself at home and enjoy! ::)

I have considered playing OSRS again, I even made an account - but that didn't last long. Once I was made aware the Grand Exchange was also in OSRS, I was no longer interested. Unfortunately the GE ruins the social aspect and the novelty of providing a service personally, with a high-leveled stat(s).

Free Bump!
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