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Updates and Changes

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Post by Jon on Jan 27, 2016 21:33:04 GMT -7


01/25/16 - Age of Empires, Clash of Clans, Boom Beach, Clash Royale, Nintendo Network, iOS and Android --- All added Categories
01/27/16 - is now the main domain
01/28/16 - The RuneScape and MuOnline markets have been open to guests (Creating threads, not replying)
01/30/16 - Steam section added
02/07/16 - Collapsible Categories option now available to all members. (Just click the cat on the homepage)
02/11/16 - Introduce a game board created
02/23/16 - New TeamSpeak Server
03/09/16 - and join the pool with (Don't use
03/10/16 - League of Legends, World of Warcraft, and Skyrim categories added. MuOnline and Age of Empires moved to Old School
03/13/16 - New Forum Banner - Special Thanks to Izanigi from the ProBoards Support community!
03/31/16 - New Category: PC Gaming
04/16/16 - New Forum Moderator Nergal    -   New RuneScape items added to the Item Shop
04/17/16 - Members may now buy a custom text color and posting-background image. Item Shop>Misc
04/23/16 - Staff now have highlighted posts for recognition. Custom group graphics added. Member Gallery added. Read receipts added to PM's
05/04/16 - Trophies Added (Achievements) - See your Profile > Trophies for more info
05/05/16 - Poker has been added to our Casino(Blackjack, Slots, Daily spin) - All located within your profile
05/07/16 - NFL and NHL team logos added to the Item Shop - More sports to come - Megaman, Mario, Link, and more also added
06/05/16 - Forum Games added. More Forum Avatars added to the collection to choose from
06/08/16 - Custom Profile Fields added: System(s), Game(s), Gamer Tag(s). <-- PSN, XBL, Nintendo Network, etc.
06/10/16 - 40 Threads now shown per-page. 15 Posts now shown per-page. (Prior 25-10)
06/24/16 - New banner thanks to Dragneel! -- WoW, LoL, Skyrim and Steam boards all merged into PC Gaming
06/25/16 - New Theme!
07/01/16 - Members can now choose their own theme! Profile>Edit Profile>Settings>Theme
09/17/16 - Members now have the ability to comment on posts
09/18/16 - Save your own smileys! Profile>Edit Profile>Settings>Your Personal Smilies>Add image URL>SET CHANGES>Save Acc. Settings
02/15/17 - New Theme!(Undercover) Prefer one of our older ones? See Profile>Edit Profile>Settings>Change Theme>Save Changes
03/11/17 - We now offer a Discord server (For voice communication)
07/12/17 - Removed RuneScape and Coffee Time SubBoards - so first click into the category brings you into the main board(s).
07/17/17 - Started a FaceBook page @
07/28/17 - Added a divider between the Announcements, Stickies, and Threads.
08/20/17 - Removed inactive subboards around the entire forum to allow less clicking to reach certain destinations.
08/26/17 - Changed the 'GamingBoards 2016' theme -- See previews of themes available here. - After registration page set to FAQ
08/27/17 - Members may now set their own mini-profile background image. Profile>Edit Profile>Personal
08/28/17 - Added a sidebar to the home-page, Discord-mini and Recent Threads added to cells
09/02/17 - The forum will now detect a resolution below 1400 and remove the righthand sidebar from the homepage so there is no overlap
09/03/17 - Added spoiler tags - Use this icon to the far right while making your full-post
11/18/17 - URL's to images will now be automatically converted into images within posts
12/02/17 - 'Interests' notification center added to the main toolbar(removed until further notice) - Google Translate added to the forum
12/06/17 - 'HIDE SHOUTBOX' option now available
12/07/17 - 'Shy Guy' added to the Item Shop under Misc.
12/27/17 - Added 'Hide/Show Shoutbox' button to the Menu bar
12/29/17 - Amazing new 'GB' logos, 100% credit and thanks to elli! - FAQ updated
12/30/17 - New MuOnline Board Moderator xanithe - Board images shrunk
12/31/17 - Shoutbox removed. 'Reposition Forum' button added to the Menu bar. Calendar and Bookmarks disabled(removed from Menu)
01/01/18 - Age of Empires, GunzOnline, Medal of Honor, World of Warcraft, Skyrim, and Steam sub-boards deleted from 'PC Gaming'
01/01/18 - Facebook button added to the bottom of page, redirects to the GB Facebook page
01/03/18 - Removed Clash of Clans, Clash Royal, Boom Beach from Mobile Gaming 
01/08/18 - Forum Tour added to the FAQ
02/11/18 - New Theme - Welcome to GamingBoards 2018! Special thanks to Elli !
02/16/18 - MuOnline and League of Legends sub-boards removed from PC Gaming
03/02/18 - RuneScape Help sub-board removed - RuneScape Bossing added to RuneScape Guides as a sub-board
03/05/18 - RuneScape M3rciless clan groups removed - Forum Games! board removed - Posting ranks updated
05/04/18 - Avatars updated - Default GB Avatar set
05/20/18 - Mobile navigation bar updated to include boards
05/23/18 - Discord icon added to the homepage beside the Facebook icon
05/27/18 - PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo sub-boards merged into Console Gaming
06/10/18 - RuneScape Bossing sub-boards merged
06/12/18 - Alternative themes removed
06/13/18 - Thread labels added to boards(ANNOUNCEMENT, PINNED, Review, Discussion, News, Guide, Event, Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo, - and more)
06/13/18 - M3RCILESS RuneScape clan sub-boards merged, thread labels used to divide threads. You may use multiple labels per thread if required
06/29/18 - GamingBoards BOT for Staff use added for official and verified content 
09/24/18 - Force-Desktop enabled for mobile viewers
02/10/19 - GBv2 theme released! All thanks to

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