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Old Spam Posted Jun 5, 2016 9:25:38 GMT -7

Post by Jon on Jun 5, 2016 9:25:38 GMT -7


This is an old spammy thread! Haha, now that we have here she's been digging up some old bones :D I'm considering making a Forum Games section today ... hmmm.

PS: Thread locked, sorry guys! Some of this I'm thinking needs to be tossed into the archive/recycling bin.
Last edited Jun 5, 2016 11:58:38 GMT -7 by Jon
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Old Spam Posted Sept 14, 2016 18:14:15 GMT -7

Post by Jon on Sept 14, 2016 18:14:15 GMT -7

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I'm so happy to be in this CLAN! 
I haven't found a really good clan in FOREVER! 
I was in a good clan about 2 years ago with some very good friends. 
Sadly, they don't play as much anymore and RARELY see them. 
This clan will give me so many NEW OPENINGS to getting new friends. 
I can't wait until later on in this clan when I get closer to my clan mates!
I can't thank you enough DanthEX for the invite!
I don't plan on EVER leaving this clan, unless I get kicked out lol!

Hey , nice!

 Very glad to hear you've been enjoying our Clan, Clan Chat, Clan Citadel, our TeamSpeak server, and of course our awesome stomping grounds here @ - We strive for excellence and try to accommodate all of our members best interest. M3rciless is an amazing clan and we're very glad to have such an active new member apart of our community! ::)  
Last edited Sept 14, 2016 18:29:08 GMT -7 by Jon