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Post by link77777310 on Jan 14, 2007 17:56:19 GMT -7

hey ive been looking at the members lists and members and noticed that alot of the clan members seem to be inactive seeing as half of the saints havnt posted a single thread. I think that sometime soon it would be good for the to clear out EVERYONE from the clan site and get rid of the members who are inactive in the clan. ive seen it been done in other clans and it seems to work.
After all quality is better than quantity when it come to a well developed clan. Its just a suggestion but i think it would do good for the clan.

w00t my 6th post=)

Inferno429 (link77777310)
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Post by DanthEx on Jan 14, 2007 20:57:18 GMT -7

Uhm.. we didn't kick close to 200 members from this clan last week for shi*'s and giggles =) .. lol. We have been looking into removing inactive and or useless members alot this week and like I said we removed around 200 so far, and we are recruiting each day higher levels and things have been running quite smooth lately. We will be keeping a much closer eye on event attendance and taking action against the "event skippers". Thanks for the suggestion though.
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