Wolfenstein & iD Software - the Birth of the FPS

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Post by MzPanik on Jul 28, 2019 22:18:19 GMT -7

Wolfenstein Youngblood, the latest in the Wolfenstein franchise that started with Wolfenstein New Order, released last Friday (7/26) and features twin daughters of BJ and Anya Blaskowicz, Jess and Soph. Alongside it, the PS4 got a new Virtual Reality game in Wolfenstein Cyberpilot!

What an amazing franchise, and it's thrilling how far the games have come! Because, I don't know if you remember, Wolfenstein started off originally as basically a small pixel BJ scurrying around your screen. It wasn't until iD Software that we saw Wolfenstein in 3D for the first time, and also in first person, a gaming first.

Now look at gaming today! Games can be played any way, from first person to third person to top-down to side-scrolling to Tetris... Apex Legends & Fortnite, Call of Duty & Battlefield, Assassin's Creed & God of War, Forza and Gran Turismo, Grand The Auto and Red Dead Redemption, Mario and Zelda, fishing games, farming games, platformers, pinball platformers (Yoku's Island Express), Diablo 3... Minecraft! The game that never dies! World of Warcraft, Shaiya, Arma, Overwatch & Rainbow Six... And Virtual Reality...

Ok, now I'm just off in game-dreaming land...