All My Baby's Daddy - Season 5: Armegeddon

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This is the final season of All My Baby's Daddy. Afterwhich a new project will be started in late September.

On the last season of All My Baby's Daddy...

*M3rciless Jr arrives on the scene.*
DPope316: MEE6! Transform!
*MEE6 transform into 6EEM!*
The Saint EX II: They've all been taken away, but we saved the world. Now we drink...

------------------------------Episode 1--------------------

-Scene: ScapeRune National Prison, Midnight-

*the prison alarms are going off. Drunk Blonde is seen running stage right*
Jagex Prison Guard: Shes over here! Don't let her escape!
Drunk Blonde: The thuggertry with this nigga...smoke grenade!
*Drunk Blonde activates ancient nigga technology. Room fills with smoke.*
Jagex Prison Guard #1: Scouters on! Check the minimal!
Drunk Blonde: Son of a *****. *Runs down a corridor.
*The M3rciless scouter goes off.*
Danthex (voice): Blonde don't do this it's too dangerous!
Drunk Blonde: We must...for my twins, and your kid too.
Danthex (voice): There big boys now. They will break us out of here. Regroup. The warden will ca-
Drunk Blonde: Danthex do you read...Danthex? DANTHEX!!! *Gunshot goes off*
*Evil Bob appears out of the smoke.*
Evil Bob: Guard, pour out some henessey for the homie... We just got a Baby Mamma from M3rciless...

-All My Baby's Daddy Season 5: Armageddon-


-Scene: Digsite, Project Genesis-

*M3rciless Jr is working on the Arc.*
DPope316: Just like project Exodus the public was fooled again into doing hard labor! Man it's hot.
The Saint EX II: Well I can always get 150 magic while I'm here, who knows I can become a super soldier.
DPope316: Nigga that's just fairy tale. You best to go roll this blunt before the supervisor comes back.
The Saint EX II: You know I don't smoke...
M336: Hammer task complete...Incoming transmission!
*MEE6 displays a news hologram*
Chessy018 (news reporter): This is channel W2 News. Word from the Jagex  Hexagon confirms that a member of the legendary clan M3rciless,  Drunk Blonde was found overdosed in her jail cell in ScapeRune National Prison late last night. In a effort to end clan violence, the prime minister has agreed to hear the case against both M3rciless and Varrock High next week. Details at 11...
DPope316: MEE6, turn off the news before I throw a rock at the screen...Dammit!
The Saint EX II: This isn't good...
DPope316: Something isn't right, there herbheads that cant kill them.
The Saint EX II: We need to go to Yanille...we have to tell her two kids ASAP.
DPope316: Supervisor can we leave?
Supervisor: You want me to flash back to me hitting 7k damage on you in one hit?
DPope316: Yeah you're right we don't need!!!
*M3rciless Jr teleports to Yanille.*

-Scene: Yanille West Side-
*Our heroes are seen driving the esculade down the street.*
The Saint EX II: This is the house...*knocks on door*
*Hunk Blonde and Tipsy Blonde come to the door.*
Hunk Blonde: *crowd cheers* what the **** you want.
DPope316: *flashes insignia* we need you... Your mother was killed last night.
Tipsy Blonde: Noooooooo!!! Pope what's going on your mom's gone too!
DPope316: That's what we need to know. We're gonna investigate. We need to see one more person.
The Saint EX II: He's already at the citadel...

-Scene: M3rciless citadel-

eShades: Everyone's gone...time to raid the guilded alter! *Picks up herbs*
The Saint EX II: Stop right there!
eShades: *drops herbs* oh ****! Oh it's just the Saint and Pope. And you brought the twins...ok there's only one reason we'd be in the same room.
DPope316: That's right. We're breaking them out. The members of M3rciless Jr! We're all of age now.
eShades: So we have the black guy, the twins, the fat kid, and tall dark and handsome...I'm in! *Loads elder rune ak-47*

------------------------------Episode 1 Over------------

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--------------------Episode 2--------------------

Scene: ScapeRune National Prison, Prison yards

*Danthex, Demarco16, Kuzumi, Cheeserules8, Lanbo, and Rayjirdeoxys are seen posted on the prison walls.*
Demarco16: I hate to sell my own supply, but this Lantadyne just earned us 100M coins. I'd hate to say it but we need to choose between bail and a lawyer for this court case.
Rayjirdeoxys: Dont look at me they cancelled my reality show on W84!
Cheeserules8: Principal Hatahway is gonna railroad us.
Demarco16: Shhhh! Shes walking over here right now...
*Anne Hathaway approaches M3rciless.*
Anne Hathaway: You niggas ready to get jumped? *reaches into pocket.*
Danthex: Aww hell naw! *Pulls off glasses shanks.*
*Anne Hathaway pulls a jump rope out of her pocket.*
Anne Hathaway: Double Dutch...first nigga to fall over gets an F in prison!
Demarco16: We need a lawyer, and not just any lawyer...a single female lawyer!
Anne Hathaway: What was that!?
Demarco16: I said our old clanmate was studying to be a single female lawyer. *whispers* Danthex get us the hell outta ere.


-Scene: M3rciless Citadel, Break Room-

*The Tv is on W111*
TV Announcer: And now back to Final Fantasy!
The Saint EX II: Aww hell naw! *turns off TV*
DPope316: Down in front!
Hunk Blonde: Turn that **** back on, that fantasy was final!
*Tipsy Blonde grabs the remote.*
Tipsy Blonde: Sorry but lawsuit! *applies magic notepaper to the remote.*
Hunk Blonde: You *****, you never let me win do you?
Tipsy Blonde: What are you talking about you won at NWA2k20 last night...

-Flashback Scene: M3rciless Citadel, last night-

*M3rciless JR is playing NWA2k on the TV*
Announcer: James Lebron from downtown. *makes magic shot* YES he's on fire!
Tipsy Blonde: Watch me take that fire surge ball away from you bro! *receives sphere*
Announcer: The Yanille Bakers with the steal!
Tipsy Blonde: TF! Whats going on with my Gladiators! Get back in there Curry Stew!
Announcer: Kobe Beef passes it to James Lebron and again from downtown while on fire!...Double three pointer!
eShades: From half court. On my momma...
Hunk Blonde: I win the tournament!

-Scene: M3rciless Citadel, Break Room

Hunk Blonde: I forgot all about that we had T80 herbs...gimme the remote! I must know how final that fantasy was!
DPope316: Dont spoil it like you did with The Sliske's: Endgame.
Tipsy Blonde: How was I supposed to know RuneMan dies!? Spidamayne told us all in the trailer for his movie!
eShades: Now clan calm down calm down...what is important is, sucker punch. *telegrabs remote and runs outside*
*The clan runs outside and immediately stops as they are approached by Jagex FBI agents.*
Jagex FBI Agent #1: Damn it smells like high lvl herbs in you kids have adventurer licenses to practice the herblore skill?
DPope316: Yes...but thats not why youre here is it?
Jagex FBI Agent #2: Your parents and relatives are entering court in the next couple of days and they requested that you guys find them a lawyer. Here is your subpoena for court next week. *hands M3rciless JR a court summons.* have a nice day *The FBI groups teleports off the citadel.*
The Saint EX II: *reads paper* they want a single female lawyer...were gonna have to take a trip to my moms guild.
Hunk Blonde: Dont you mean clan?
Demarco16: No, no he mom was in it too. The Women of Drama in Downtown Varrock. Everyone in the esculade...were leaving now!

-Scene: Downtown Varrock-

*M3rciless JR is seen parking the Clan Esculade outside the guild leading to the GE.*
*A woman is seen outside*
Jomamma: OMG its The Saint and Dpope, you two have really grown up. How's your mom Saint?
The Saint EX II: Shes in shock over the court case, and on top of that we may be going to God War III soon for reals! We need your help. We need to find a way to hire a single female lawyer, and as a back up plan find a way to break them out of prison.
Jomamma: We can help...Orikwanda get that bootsy *** out here Shandra's son needs our help!
Orikwanda: The Spring Maidens can help. Find April, May, and June at Ardounge, Yanille, and Menaphos. They can solve your for your lawyer we have the the best single female in mind...Big Booty Judy.

---------------------------Episode 2 Over-----------------------------------