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Summer Skilling Outfit Sereis

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Post by Cheeserules8 on Jun 27, 2019 0:54:37 GMT -7

Greetings M3rciless!

I'm creating a summer long event series that will follow the different minigames as they rotate through the minigame spotlight. As the name of the event implies this will be focusing on the minigames that give skilling outfits as rewards. The purpose of this is to help everyone out. Some clan members need the outfits to help lvl up skills for Priff and beyond. Some want to do them for Comp Cape requirements. So why not work together as a clan, have some fun and get some cool rewards along the way?

Flash Powder Factory: Rewards are the botanists outfit for herblore which gives 6% bonus for the full set and gives a 5% chance to make a duplicate potion, and 150 noted vials of water a day. IN SPOTLIGHT JULY 17-19, AUGUST 25-27

Stealing Creation: Rewards are the Fletching outfit and Artisians outfit for fletching and crafting. Both give 6% exp in their respective skills and the modified artisans bandana provides teleports to the crafting guild and soft clay daily. IN SPOTLIGHT JULY 20-22, August 31-September 2

Cabbage Facepunch Bonanza:  Reward from this mini game include the farming outfit which provides 6% farming exp and the farmers hat add on which provides daily teleports and bird nests. IN SPOTLIGHT JULY 23-25, September 3-5
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