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M3rciless or Die Trying, The Movie: The Saint Purge

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Post by demarco on Jan 13, 2019 18:41:49 GMT -7

This movie screenplay is dedicated to those who made me the computer gaming whiz I am today, as without them I would not be here. This is dedicated to the ones around me in RuneScape 12 years ago. 


Flashback Scene: Saints Mansion, 10 years ago (In OldSchool Runescape)

*The TV is on channel W22*
Announcer: And now back to Dexter's Crack Laboratories...
Girl #1: Oh my gosh I love your accent. Say it again!
Dexter: Dahfuuoutaerr
*Danthex turns off the TV*
Danthex: I have the MOD forms filled out. Theres gonna be some changes around here...
WhiteShadow2: Does that mean I can stop going out to Runewood and Time in Ardounge?
Danthex: No, that just means your contract is transferred to me. Anyways, it has come to my attention that more then just Demarco taking over was occurring around here. Until the rest of the day there will be random cup checks. They start right about...now *Kicks TMP Darkside in the lower region*
TMP Darkside: Nigga I wasnt reaaa- *passed out*
Danthex: As for the rest of you. A bunch of recruits and some administration just left the gang and is going rouge. One of them joined the FBI and is tracking our moves. If I ever find out that youre having gang members mafia killed to become leader ill leader dat ***.
Bubble4Ever: Ill hold you up to that... *walks out room*
*Bubble walks down the stairs into the cellar and falls down the stairs*
Bubble4Ever: Usually when I walk out drunk I lose 10HP... The ****! It's a button. *Presses button*
*A wall opens and reveals a plan room.*
Bubble4Ever: These plans... its a fighting machine *thinks for a second*...that janky fool's gonna kill us...not if I kill him first. But this name, it cant do. Ill call him DOGMAI... and if I modify him I can name the transformation...wait *laughs out loud*

--------------------M3rciless or Die Trying: The Movie: Saint Purge: The Rise of the Baby's Daddy-----------------------------------------

Scene: M3rciless Citadel, Present Day

*The TV is on W64*
Announcer: And now back to The Real Housewives of Varrock
Woman #1: Aww hell naw this *****, she bout to get faded on my momma!
Waiter: The **** you just say?
Woman #2: Are you from around Gielnor? If you can't understand the words coming out her mouth then you're not getting this tip. The only thing you will be getting are these hands.
Woman #3: Now ladies, were billionaires from fighting bosses. Lets not quarrel with those making 35000 coins an hour...
*NergalElite walks in the middle of the T.V.*
Demarco16: Hey we were watching that nigga!
NergalElite: Those whoever you call them broke my time machine up good using it, but I fixed it and we can go get them from the past now before they kill us. Who were they again?
Danthex: Scuzzy and Los...there ranked as the strongest of the strongest in runescape.
Demarco16: Shouldn't we just wait till the rest of the gang comes back from Project "Exodus" in the desert?
Danthex: That city's gonna suck...
Demarco16: We'll see...
Danthex: You like to border hop anyways why would it matter to you... done the quests my ***...
NergalElite: They transported their selves back to about 10 years ago, when we were kids.
*Danthex gulps and becomes silent*
Demarco16 and NergalElite: You okay?
Danthex: I'm fine...lets go!
NergalElite: We can't bring weapons armor, or items with us back then that didn't exist. We can only bring dragon weaponry.
Demarco16: This is gonna suck-
Danthex: Let's go! *Jumps in time portal*
*Demarco16 and NergalElite follow him into the portal.*
*Scuzzy and Los walk out of the closet*
Scuzzy: It worked! They ain't never coming back!
Los: Why not?
Scuzzy: Because IAMGOD was much stronger back then. He could 1HKO Jad if he wanted to.
Los: **** nigga...

Scene: Downtown Varrock, 10 years ago
*M3rciless steps out of the portal.*
Demarco16: There probably trying to recruit their past self's to fight with them and kill us while were weak...we have to find them quick! I'll check the north, Danthex Check the West, and Nergal check the east. Well rendezvous at the blue moon Inn in 6 hours for chef's delight.
1 Hour later...

Scene: Grand Exchange, 10 years ago

Demarco16: What to do what to do...they'll destory everything. It's bad enough we lost Guthix.
Bandanna Girl: Stand and deliver!
Demarco16: Aww soo cute, shouldn't you be in school?
Bandanna Girl: You think this some joke busta!? Ill bust a cap in dat ***! *Raises Rune Pistol to Demarco16's Face.*
Demarco16: *Checks scouter... 80 Defence, awesome.*
*An explosion is heard at the concession stand.*
*DOGMAI is seen destroying buildings in the business park.*
Demarco16: DOGMAI? Oh this should be easy *Equips Dragon AK-47*. Ill kill you now so I wont have to later!
Drksword71 and WhiteShadow2 appear out of the 'cuts' with a worried look on their faces.
Drksword71: Hold crap. He's unstoppable, were really gonna get purged with the rest of the clan.
Whiteshadow2: Not with this move... FINAL FLASH!!!
Drksword71: Please don't do the final flash...its too powerful...We can go out like Durial and use pills.
Whiteshadow2: You mean the ban pill?
Drksword71: Yes...I bought it with Demarco16's clan leader fund. I'm glad I didnt pay him...
Demarco16 (Present): So that's what happend...nooooooooooooooooooo!!!!! *Fires rapid fire dragon bullets at DOGMAI.*
*DOGMAI fires a Gamma Pulse Beam at Drksword and Whiteshadow.*
Demarco16 (Present): What...the...**** *teleports to West Varrock*

Scene: West Varrock, 10 Years ago
Demarco16: I used the tele-group spell instead...dagit! Did I save anyone though?
Bandanna Girl: Aww hell naw you have to save me!? 
Demarco16: What's your name?
Bandanna Girl: Shandra
Demarco16: You have the same name as that T.V. actor...now get home!
*Shandra leaves in the opposite direction.*
Demarco16: I can't change the future with one life save can I?
Danthex (Present): Dude you cant go around just living life again we have to find them before they find us!
Demarco16: It's too late...I saw clanmembers die to what looked like a DOGMAI prototype.
Danthex (Present): Son of a *****! They came back to when our clan was purged!
Demarco16: Well I should still be in the abyss so I'm safe with Zezima at least.
Danthex: That's not what I'm worried about...we need to find NergalElite and bounce. DOGMAI will kill us in his final form he's much stronger here. We killed him twice but he can go Thanos and destroy half of everything.
Demarco16: We've already loss, we should save The Saint admins at least from death, we could use the expertise in the future.
Danthex: Yea I sorta told them I'd kill them if they tried mutiny again... Plus I saw TMP Darkside die 2 hours ago to DOGMAI's pimp hand.
Demarco16: So there all dead then...Okay how are we gonna get to the other side of town?
*A dark shadow appears.*
Dark Shadow: I can teleport you off the grid...but you have to do something for me first... I want you to go to a spot in level 55 wilderness and touch the blue stone inside. And then clear the area. After which I will teleport you back.
Danthex: Let's do it!

Scene: Level 55 Wilderness Jagex Launch Base, 10 Years ago.

*Demarco and Danthex walk inside the hall.*
Demarco16: Here it is...not it!
Danthex: But nigga that looks like it'll sap my magic. I have plans for my life and it doesnt involve losing my legacy to this shady ****.
Demarco16: We shouldn't have listened *looks to the left*, theres Jagex's symbol over there. This is a government silo.
Danthex: A what!? I just touched that **** nigga! We gotta go.
*Demarco and Danthex run's outside and notices a large rock taking off from the launch base.*
Danthex: Ummm...Demarco, that was a cloning machine.
Demarco16: How do you know?
Danthex: Because the rocket in the back says "this is a cloning machine" on it. It's gonna be back...
*The two of them teleport back to Varrock, this time in front of the Blue Moon Inn. They walk in with a weird look on their face.*
NergalElite: So how did it go did you find them?
Danthex: Not only did the scouter indicate that there not in this time period, we saw our old gang die firsthand. I didnt know that was their fate...
Bartender: More Beer?
Danthex: Yes...ummm, what should I call you?
Bartender: Runekiesha. I could use a tip so I can get into the Women of Drama Gang soon.
Danthex: Well with that smile I'm sure you can. Anyways have you seen an overpowerful fighting machine around lately?
Runekiesha: You mean the one over there?
*DOGMAI appears and turns into IAMGOD*
Danthex: Heres the max cash stack get out of here miss!.
Runekiesha: Will do! *Teleports to Yanille*.
*M34ciless equips their weapons.*
Demarco16: NergalElite power up the machine. We only have one shot out this ****. *Fires Dragon AK-47 at IAMGOD*
Danthex: If I have to die here in the past...Ill go out in style *puts on sunglasses*.
Demarco16: But its night.
Danthex: Exactly...
NergalElite: It's done, fall in!
*The three of them jump in the portal and go back to present day.*

Scene: M3rciless Citadel, Present Day

Danthex: Great, we've been robbed. But the good news is that there hiding out in varrock near the black arm gang memorial.
NergalElite: Go ahead im gonna go to bed.
Demarco16: I think I should check somewhere else first...

Scene: Grand Exchange: Present Day

Demarco16: That carnage...I can't believe it happend here. Minus well stay and invest more often.
Voice: Demarco!
Demarco16: Huh?
Shandra: It's me Shandra. You saved my life here 10 years ago but you look exactly the same...what's going on?
Demarco16: I traveled back in time.
Shandra: Well I can dig it...Heres my number!

To be continued, In All My Baby's Daddy Season 1

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