Wireless VS Ethernet

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Post by xxinfectedxx on Jan 7, 2019 4:56:49 GMT -7

As a gamer, would you choose wireless or Ethernet? My choice is Wireless Connections. I own a Gaming Laptop and the mobility is a massive advantage. It provides me with ease of access and I don't have to worry about being tied to my household with one network.
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Post by ash on Jan 7, 2019 9:23:19 GMT -7

I currently have a Wireless connection for my PlayStation 4 and I'm pretty happy with it. I know that ethernet is probably better but my internet provider is pretty good, the speeds are good and I very rarely lose my internet connection (if ever) so there's no reason for me to change and get it. Plus, I'm not entirely sure how I would manage to get an ethernet connection into my room.

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Post by Lanbo on Jan 7, 2019 19:14:47 GMT -7

Ethernet is decidedly better because a hard-wired connection to your router is going to give you much more improved speeds, not to mention the packet loss with WiFi. That being said, WiFi is so convenient for most cases and the reliability is better than ever that I use it for most occasions, even gaming (where Ethernet is the norm).
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Post by Saints4ever on Jan 12, 2019 10:32:51 GMT -7

When im able to I prefer a hardwired connection. However, most of the time I do just use WiFi. Altho I can say that my wired connection I consistently get 100mbps where as Wifi will drop down to the 80s, 50s, 30s etc depending on how many people are on the network/what they are doing.
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