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LSPDFR Posted Jan 4, 2019 20:25:58 GMT -7

Post by gio on Jan 4, 2019 20:25:58 GMT -7

Has anyone ever played LSPDFR on GTA V at all before? For those who do not know, LSPDFR is a mod that allows you to become a police officer from various aspects in the game, and it has an extensive modding community. It really allows you to be immersed in absolute realism and also lets you take a break from being a rogue player. :P
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LSPDFR Posted Jan 27, 2019 7:14:08 GMT -7

Post by ash on Jan 27, 2019 7:14:08 GMT -7

This is why I want to eventually get a laptop or PC for gaming. Being able to mod games, especially ones that are already amazing like Grand Theft Auto V would be so good. I've seen a few people playing LSPDFR and I would love to try it out. It always bothered me that Rockstar didn't add any police jobs to the game like they have had with previous GTA titles.

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