How do you decide on a mobile game

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Post by xxinfectedxx on Jan 4, 2019 4:29:03 GMT -7

Deciding on a mobile game is one of the most toughest decisions you can make, but what do you to help you make an informed decision? Watching YouTubers and reading written reviews help me come to a conclusion whether to make the purchase. 
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Post by ash on Jan 9, 2019 11:09:27 GMT -7

Usually, it's a variety of using the provided screenshots and the reviews. I usually rely more on the reviews because most of the time you can't rely on the screenshots that much especially if the game has been developed by a lesser known developer. The best thing to do is to just download the app, check it out and then uninstall it if you don't like it really. Google Play lets you refund game purchases up to 2 hours after the purchase so it's great.

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