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Post by Jon on Jan 2, 2019 13:16:57 GMT -7

Vindicta of RuneScape

The purpose of this thread is to give the members of our M3RCILESS RuneScape clan a go-to point when seeking to join, or start, a clan event. Whether it be Bossing, Skilling, Questing, Task Accomplishing, Mini-Games, Completionist requirements, Drop parties/get-togethers, or anything else you'd enjoy with your fellow clan mates. All members are free to use this template by simply copying(CTRL+C) and pasting(CTRL+V) the template into their own reply to this thread and filling in the blanks. Please, only use this thread for event postings. If you're seeking the most current events, see the last page(s) of this thread. If you plan on attending an event posted here, simply click "Like" on the post you're referring to.


Clan Event: (What type of event is this?)

Date/Time: (Include time zone.)

Location: (Where in Gielinor is the event?)

World: (What server will this event be hosted on?)

Requirement(s): (Level, gear, inventory, location, quest(s)?)

Min/Max Attendees: (How many members can attend?)

Event Host: (Who's hosting this event?)

Other Information: (Is there anything else you'd like to add?)


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Post by KuzumiBoo on Feb 24, 2019 15:24:21 GMT -7


Clan Event: (Vorago Boss Event)

Date/Time: (March 9/ 8pm est)

Location: (Northwest from Falador loadstone)

World: (World 64)

Requirement(s): (120+ weapon t85 or higher, armor t80 or higher inventory must have overloads saradomin brews the best food possible no quest needed )

Min/Max Attendees: (as many)

Event Host: ( KuzumiBOO )

Other Information: (none)

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Post by Cheeserules8 on Mar 30, 2019 16:06:56 GMT -7

Clan Event: Mass Questing

Date/Time: Monday April 8th 5:00pm Central Standard Time and reoccurring daily

Location: Everywhere

World: 64 of course!

Requirement(s): Depends on what quests you have done and want to do so please see gamingboards.net/thread/3696/questing-buddy?page=1&scrollTo=41898 to check on quest requirements

Min/Max Attendees: The more the merrier

Event Host: Cheeserules8

Other Information: I'll be creating a new thread for this event so that we don't blow up this thread and accidently bury other events.
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Post by Matapotamus on Apr 17, 2019 13:57:12 GMT -7

Clan Event: DROP PARTY :D

Date/Time: thursday april 25th. i will figure out exact time soon

Location: clan citadel!

World: 64

Requirement(s): bring your sexiest and best looking cosmetics, its going to be a party

Min/Max Attendees: i guess as many as possible

Event Host: Matapotamus (would like danths help) :P

Other Information:  Pretty sure i have all the items ready for a drop party, might take a long time, or it might not:P

good luck all!

ps shaggy cant come because hes a poophead<3

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Post by zombieprincess on May 8, 2019 14:08:04 GMT -7

GET READY!!!!!!!

Clan Event: Hide-N-Seek

Date/Time: May 14th (Tuesday) at Reset in game - 00:00 (10pm ET, 9pm CT, 8pm MT, 7pm PT)

Location: Start at Clan Citadel, then ANYWHERE in Gielinor! 

World: Our home world of 64.

Requirement(s): Unknown (if you are concerned about quest requirements feel free to look up my quest log to see what I have and have not completed. That can help also determine where I can't go do to not having done a quest. I can't tell what quests are required per location because this can obviously give it away.)

Min/Max Attendees: No limit (clannies only)

Event Host: ShutUpLizzie

Rules: You have to have capped for the week.

How it Works: I will have everyone enter the Citi at reset. When everyone is in place I will go invisible so I can't be trailed. I will then hide somewhere in Gielinor. Once I am hidden you all will read a riddle/clue that will pop up in the clan chat. The first to find me gets a gold prize. EASY PEASY 

Other Information: There will be 2 runs! The for will be a prize of 5mill GOLD and the second will be a prize of 3mill GOLD

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