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Post by DanthEx on Jan 2, 2019 13:16:57 GMT -7

Vindicta of RuneScape

The purpose of this thread is to give the members of our M3RCILESS RuneScape clan a go-to point when seeking to join, or start, a clan event. Whether it be Bossing, Skilling, Questing, Task Accomplishing, Mini-Games, Completionist requirements, Drop parties/get-togethers, or anything else you'd enjoy with your fellow clan mates. All members are free to use this template by simply copying(CTRL+C) and pasting(CTRL+V) the template into their own reply and filling in the blanks. Please, only use this thread for event postings. If you're seeking the most current events, see the last page(s) of this thread. If you plan on attending an event posted here, simply click "Like" on the post you're referring to.


Clan Event: (What type of event is this?)

Date/Time: (Include time zone.)

Location: (Where in Gielinor is the event?)

World: (What server will this event be hosted on?)

Requirement(s): (Level, gear, inventory, location, quest(s)?)

Min/Max Attendees: (How many members can attend?)

Event Host: (Who's hosting this event?)

Other Information: (Is there anything else you'd like to add?)


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