What is the oldest game you play?

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Post by gio on Jan 4, 2019 20:32:01 GMT -7

The oldest game I play is on my Nintendo 64 and that is Paper Mario. It's such a classic and I really enjoy playing something that I have great memories of as a kid. And it also blows my mind that the time that it was created in, the graphics were stunning.
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Post by ash on Jan 12, 2019 14:49:36 GMT -7

I managed to get a PlayStation 1 from this kids swap site when I was younger. Basically, the swap site allowed users to sell items for virtual currency and then use that currency to buy items from other kids. It worked quite well (although it's closed now) and I was lucky enough to get the console and a few games. There were two games that I loved, FIFA 98 and this Nascar/racing game and they were the oldest games that I have played.

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Post by DanthEx on Feb 11, 2019 17:57:05 GMT -7

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I play through Zelda: A Link to the Past once or twice a year as well as Zombies Ate My Neighbors both on the SNES. They were my favorite games as a kid.

Growing up I breathed Zelda: A link to the past. I've even gone as far as to download it for my Wii U back before I lost the console, it was pretty epic playing it on the portable tablet. The nostalgia is real with Zelda.
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Post by Apocalyssa on Feb 14, 2019 13:15:47 GMT -7

Chess or checkers. My first game ever was Halo Combat Evolved, I remember my brother getting an xbox and while he was doing something else I could start up his console and play for a few hours before my young eyes got tired. But the oldest, that's tricky because I don't think playing Atari games on an emulator is properly playing an old game. But the oldest game that I played on an old console was Ocarina of Time at a friend's.
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