Reviving my Nintendo 3DS

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Post by Nergal on Dec 28, 2018 7:38:23 GMT -7

Went to visit my last surviving great Grandparent today. She lives two and a half hours away and my whole household piled into the minivan.

Preparing for a mind numbing visit, I dug up my 3DS checked the battery which looked like it was around 75% so I plugged it in and ran updates while taking my morning shower. I checked the activity log and discovered that the last time I played my 3DS was January 2nd 2017. It had been 101 weeks since I dusted of this 3DS.

Battery charged for around an hour though the indicator was still showing 3 of 4 bars. I’m not sure how accurate it was. Pokémon Moon is in the system and I know that I hadn’t played it much, I was looking forward to finally having the opportunity to play it.

I figure out where I had left off and continue playing. I managed to play for about 2 hours before I see that the power indicator has turned red, I realize that I had forgotten to turn off the system’s WiFi which I wasn’t using. I save my game and by the time I do the red power LED is blinking because the battery is critically low.

My memory of the 3ds was that the battery lasted a surprisingly long time when the WiFi was off, I’m a bit disappointed in myself for forgetting to switch it off after updating. Naturally I didn’t bother to bring my charger since it should have lasted me closer to 5 hours.

Hopefully the system just made an error in displaying remaining battery charge after nearly 2 years of being turned off, it would be a bit upsetting if the battery is just shot. Will have to test when I get home. I’m not sure why I don’t play more 3DS while doing afk skills on RuneScape, I used to save handheld games for family vacations but it’s not like I’m a passenger for long car rides frequently anymore. I don’t think that I even took a trip during one of my vacations in the past 3 years.

After getting home I left the 3DS to fully charge and played from 1 to 2 hours still has all 4 battery bars, seems like the device had a faulty read on its own power level after being in stasis for nearly two years.

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Post by Nergal on Dec 28, 2018 15:23:04 GMT -7

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You should always bring your charger with a fully charged charging block, just in case! :P -- Can these batteries be replaced
No idea but I spent most of the day today playing it and managed to get about 6 hours out of it from a full charge. Think the battery is fine and the calibration of the power indicator was just WAY off after being powered down for two years without a charge.

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Post by DanthEx on Dec 29, 2018 9:22:07 GMT -7

I haven't used or owned a portable gaming console for many, many years. All the way back to the black/white GAME BOY to be more precise. Although I definitely do see their purpose. Glad to hear your Nintendo 3DS is back up and running , may as well get the most of out of your product as possible!