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Post by Nergal on Nov 15, 2018 16:47:55 GMT -7

It's been a while since I've played Dungeon Defenders but just got the game which, in addition to the end of the LoL season and being a bit burnt out of Runescape at the moment, prompted me to revisit my most played and much beloved tower defense game.

I had played through the entire Main Campaign on insane difficulty years ago, I worked my way through the DLC campaign expansion on lower difficulties and had been working my way up the ladder for a while, I had started the Nightmare Mode grind through the Main Campaign the last time I played a decent amount for the sake of my own progress; and while I still hadn't done most of the Holiday Content yet, I was pretty happy with my ability to access the content should I want to but was preoccupied trying to farm gear for multiple heroes for nightmare mode.

Today I logged on and noticed something which I don't remember seeing before on the level selection menus: "The Lost Quests" submenu
At a first glance 8 Levels that I had never played before. After further investigation it seemed 7 because I had DEFINITELY played at least one of the maps before though it may have just been in a random quick-play group, moreover the final item on the list was "Crystalline Resurgence: Part 1" implying that there are more maps to unlock. I started looking around for Wiki articles and so little turned up but I'm kind of glad because not knowing the rewards makes it such a mystery, I did find a patch notes thread on Steam about the addition of one of the maps listed PLUS the Crystalline Resurgence Trilogy.

Honestly, I'm just so stoked that the Devs continue showing their original game so much love despite the issues. There was a problem with hacking of the game on the Ranked servers so they re-released the game with all the DLC as Dungeon Defenders Eternity which had a re-balanced game and more securities but they still continued supporting the original game and giving us the same DLC despite the separation of servers; even though they are juggling DD2 which is F2P and also still supported as a separate project, they continue patching and adding content to their first game as recently as this past summer. (Update patch thread was from June 21st.)
The game turned 7 this year and still holds up so damn well!

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Post by Nergal on Nov 16, 2018 12:20:47 GMT -7

Before taking too deep of a dive into all of the new content I decided to figure out the last things I was doing when I previously stopped playing, this was made more difficult since I also took a break from my own achievement hunting to play through the campaign with my girlfriend who was (is) still new to the game (still need to drag her through the rest of it).

The last things which I was working on were:
-Leveling my Series EV to 74 for Mythical Gear. (She was 71, currently at 72 because I've been leveling her while working on things since I've been back.)
-Completing the Campaign by myself on Nightmare difficulty solo.

Today I apparently completed each map of the Original campaign on Nightmare difficulty and got the Mythical Defender Achievement, and upon checking saw that there were only 3 of the OG Campaign maps which I still hadn't done on Nightmare Hardcore mode; at the time I'm writing this I have only 2 more to go, but one of them is the Summit and I am kind of dreading the boss fight on Nightmare Hardcore.
(For those unfamiliar, Nightmare Mode is the most difficult available in the game and the Hardcore Mode modifier means you don't respawn when you die.)

My EV will be Level 74 soon enough and I'm really looking forward to have Mythical Tier Tower Buff Beams.

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Post by DanthEx on Nov 16, 2018 15:02:48 GMT -7

This game is surprisingly very fun and addictive. I've played it for the first time about a week ago and was very impressed. If you enjoy tower defense games I believe you'd enjoy this for sure. Getting a few friends together on Discord while rocking Dungeon Defenders is my new favorite pastime! ::)
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Post by Nergal on Nov 16, 2018 20:28:04 GMT -7

Turns out I can now solo farm Tavern Defense on Nightmare mode in Pure Strategy, it will take me over 3 hours but I did get myself a Kobold on a Treadmill with some pretty lackluster stats. I actually went in for the XP to level up my Series EV and once I got her to 74 I figured why not see how far I can climb? Almost lost, build needed some adjustments, but it's manageable.

I guess it's time for me to tackle more of the DLC content, pet hunt here I come.

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Post by Nergal on Nov 17, 2018 20:34:27 GMT -7

Learned a really useful trick for the Sky City boss fight, probably a glitch which the Devs left unpatched and became a feature because it's been known about for many years now (I just didn't know of it). "No-Return Method"
Got the Real Time Strategist achievement today, which was something I had forgotten I was working on. I also tested the waters for the Nightmare Hardcore version of the achievement and while Deeper Well went surprisingly well, I'd likely run into trouble down the line since my Summoner isn't quite that strong yet and some of the later (DLC) maps were iffy on Medium.

Since I have completed the Vanilla portion of the Campaign on NMHC mode already the next logical step is to head over to Mistymere Forest and see how I fair. Whether or not I can progress in my solo NMHC campaign with my current gear remains to be seen, but Mistymere is the level I was going to be farming to try and obtain better gear anyway.
My other major path for now could be working toward the Transcendent Survivalist achievement. Which would also net me a few missing pets from my collection in addition to a bunch of XP and some good chances for gear drops.
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Post by Nergal on Nov 20, 2018 10:13:12 GMT -7

So I know that  plays a decent amount and his name seemed oddly familiar when he joined the Discord and Forum, I'm wondering if it's because I had seen him on Dungeon Defenders in years past....

The game has such a ridiculous difficulty curve and barrier of entry to Nightmare mode but it never really feels too unfair. I know my gear is sub-optimal and I should be farming for better equipment and I'm not maxed level yet, all I need to do to improve my game is to play more of what I can survive on Nightmare mode to farm XP and Armor. Most of the gear which I do have hasn't been leveled yet and, again, I just need to play more and farm more mana.

I still have a huge grind ahead of me, but it doesn't feel too bad; I just made the mistake of leveling a DPS huntress before a proper tower builder, and because most of that XP had to come from FPS kills and/or leeching from other builders online it took a lot more time than if I had just leveled up my own builders initially and leeching myself.
My first two characters which I leveled up to 70+ were a Jester (Before they had their own towers in kit, just the presents.) and a DPS huntress, it was fun but completely inefficient.
My Series EV is in a comfortable place now that she can wear mythical gear, I think I need to start being pickier in my gear choices; too many pieces of hybrid armor which is fine for entry to Nightmare Difficulty but I'd like to progress and it is rough going as I reach the DLC maps on Nightmare.

To be fair I haven't attempted most of the DLC on any difficulty and am trying to jump to Nightmare, farming for a Seahorse on Insane might be a good option, moreover I'm pretty sure I only have the Legendary costume for my Huntress unlocked and getting the other classes Legendary outfits unlocked might prove helpful since many Monks and Squires I've seen on nightmare opt to run their legendary skins.

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Post by iilevelii on Nov 21, 2018 12:06:21 GMT -7

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This game is surprisingly very fun and addictive. I've played it for the first time about a week ago and was very impressed. If you enjoy tower defense games I believe you'd enjoy this for sure. Getting a few friends together on Discord while rocking Dungeon Defenders is my new favorite pastime! ::)

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Post by Nergal on Nov 21, 2018 15:43:31 GMT -7

Was looking into things I need to do for the Ultimate Defender Achievement and realized that collecting "all" of the pets is among the list of things which I will need to do as it's a separate smaller achievement.
I have been holding onto a lot of pets which aren't particularly useful to me because I still need the I've got Monsters in my Pocket achievement and, while I would end up with the required pets while completing Transcendent Survivalist as well as Playin' Mythical Cupid, if I rushed for the pets on lower difficulties I could clear up a lot of bank space.
If I'm correct, the only pets I still need for the achievement are:

Donkey - (Moraggo Desert Town)
Seahorse - (Aquanos)
Propeller Cat - (Sky City)
Cowboy Monkey - (Karathiki Jungle)
Pet Rock - (Talay Mining Complex)

Goblin Cupid - (Sky O' Love)

....so, as I have said in past posts, DLC content which I never got around to back n the day. I've run most of these maps on some difficulty in the past, just not on survival or Nightmare Hardcore (yet).